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Billi Mambo
DOB: 4/27/2006; Sire: Buffalo Bill; Dam: Zee Mambo; Color: Black; Service Sire:Titan Wolf, record lateral horn; One of the rare black Buffalo Bill daughters. She has given DCC 9 calves including herd sire Bwana owned by Dr. Frank King. Gentle and beautiful. She is a real black due to the 1/16 Texas Longhorn from the Liars Lake Baby Jane cow. Service sire: Titan Wolf, record lateral horn.
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Price:  $2700

Buffalo Bill
DOB: 6/15/1994; Sire: Atlas; Dam: Buffalo; Color: Red; The pasture has 4 years of his huge horned daughters. Semen available in New Zealand, Australia and other countries. He is agile, gentle, loves to eat bread from your hand and sires more horn than any Watusi bull in North America. He is a very special bull of a historic and special breed. Buffalo Bill is believed to be the leading sire of bulbus horned sons. He is 74-1/4" T2T with a 26" circumfrence. His progeny are larger horned than most people in North American have ever seen.
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DOB: 4/13/2015; Sire: Moogambi; Dam: Zee Mambo; Color: Black; Service Sire:Titan Wolf, record lateral horn; This is a young daughter of Buffalo Bill son, Moogambi. She has a royal pedigree including historic Watusi greats, Mr. Immambo, Don Juan, Spotted Bull, and Zanzibar. Black is rare, but black and beautiful is more rare.
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Price:  $2800

DOB: 7/13/2012; Sire: Pretoria; Dam: Billi Mambo; Color: W/R spk; This colorful son of Pretoria will be one of 2 Watusi bulls used on the DCCI herd. His calves have more color than the dark continent itself. He is so related to the DCCI herd we need to send him on wheels.
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Jimmy The Swede
DOB: 1/1/1961; He was the first Watusi in history to be collected for semen. He was collected at by the Dickinson family in the early 80's. Jimmy was imported through the Harry S Truman Import Center in Florida. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He sired more Watusi calves than any other Watusi sire in history. His name appears in more registered Watusi pedigrees than any other bull. His signature trait is a distinct line of separation on his progeny that goes from the center of the nose, to the jaw, to the middle of the neck to the middle of the ribs and on to the middle of the hip. This line generally is dark red above the line and white below it with red spots. Due to his singular influence about 15% of the registered Watusi in the USA carry this color pattern. It is the strongest genetic factor in the USA herds.
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DOB: 5/2/2015; Sire: Bwana; Dam: Maliaka; Color: Red; Service Sire:Titan Wolf, record lateral horn; She is an own daughter of famous sire Bwana owned by Dr. Frank King. Watusi legends in her family tree include Buffalo Bill, Pretoria, Woody, and Adventure. Stage #1 halter trained. That is a lot of horn for a young cow.
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Price:  $2200

DOB: 7/7/2015; Sire: Paxton; Dam: Pre Blue; Color: Drk R/W sp; Service Sire:Titan Wolf; She is 3/4 Watusi of the highest quality lineage and 1/4 Texas Longhorn. She will brighten a pasture. Although elgible to register at a 3/4 WWA Watusi, sells unregistered. Service sire: Titan Wolf (horns wide enough to reach two counties)
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Price:  $2600

DOB: 4/15/2008; Sire: Buffalo Bill; Dam: Zena; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Titan Wolf; Maliaka has had 9 calves. She is a great milker and gentle mother. She is blessed to be a daughter of historic Buffalo Bill of the Judy Jenkins herd. She also has lineage of Great Adventure, Zander & Grand Duke. For an extra fee a plane ticket to Uganda to see original native Watusi cattle.
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Price:  $3700

Mr. Immambo
DOB: 3/15/1991; Sire: Spotted Bull; Dam: JCS Heather; Color: R/W; Mr. Immambo used to be the DCCI Watusi Herd Sire, he was 100% pure Watusi and his 77 tip-to-tip horns are very impressive. He was very laid back and had a great disposition. Mr. Immambo is no longer with us, he is now part of Gods privat
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DOB: 3/27/2009; Sire: Buffalo Bill; Dam: Zena; Color: Red; Service Sire:Titan Wolf, record lateral horn; This is a big 1260 lb daughter of legendary horn sire Buffalo Bill. She is a stunning pasture cow and eats from your hand. Service sire: Titan Wolf Nine more of these cows would buy a beautiful Ugandan wife, if you need another wife.
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Price:  $3900

DOB: 9/5/2011; Sire: Heikens Ark Bravo; Dam: Heikens Ark Peace Fire; Color: Red/W; This young bull is by Heikens Ark Bravo by C.T. Woodie. He was purchased by Duane Gilbert for our Pretoria daughters. He is a well bred Foundation Pure. He is a very gentle bull not trained to ride or be milked in the pasture. He has one horn froze off but continues to grow huge horn.
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Peter Van Meter
DOB: 4/30/2012; Sire: Pretoria; Dam: Beth Field; Color: Red; He is a 3/4 Watusi and 1/4 Texas Longhorn. He has the genetics to grow 100 inches tip to tip. Picture him in your front yard. The rural mail carrier will run over your mail box every day just looking at him. T2T spreat 78.5 inches on 5/25/17. He will stop more traffic than a President Trump sighting.
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Price:  $4000

DOB: 5/3/2007; Sire: Woody; Dam: Rosie; Color: W/R; Pretoria is a son of Duane Gilbert's mammoth horned Watusi & Woody His dam has the widest horn of the DCCI herd. His calves are speckled and flamboyant. Semen $25 He is very special. He sires white spotted Watusi with coin sized chocolate small spots. Most of his calves are spotted even from plain colored red cows. He helps flatten high horns to add value with lateral shape.
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Tall Phantom
DOB: 5/29/2012; Sire: Pretoria; Dam: High Dingo; Color: W/R Ears; His unusual salt and pepper speculation is like no other. Now you can have a one of a kind, which he is. Horns T2T on May 31, 2018 is 90.38". His horn tips will be wider than the First Lady is tall, but not as thick a base. He will stop fast traffic on a foggy day. 100" is projected easy in his future.
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Price:  $5500

Titan Buff
DOB: 6/20/2017; Sire: Titan Wolf; Dam: Afro Keezena; Color: R/W Mdln; He is one of the highest value colors of any Watusi to date. His sire has 86" T2T and a Buffalo Bill dam. Stout stuff. Two free barn cats with purchase until cats are all gone, all of them. Negotiable - 7 cats. Great base and desired lateral horn direction. A million dollar color.
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Price:  $2600

Titan Wolf
DOB: 4/30/2003; Sire: Olympian; Dam: Speckled Prinsessa; Color: R/W; Titan Wolf is one of the widest spreads in the Watusi breed with consistent wild African color on his progeny. His horns are 86 inches tip to tip. He is sired by the famous Catskill sire Olympian and out of the beautiful Spotted Wolf daughter, Speckled Princessa. Semen now available for the first time and qualified for many export countries.
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Price:  Semen $50

Zee Mambo x Titan Wolf - 2017
DOB: 4/9/2017; Sire: Titan Wolf; Dam: Zee Mambo; Color: R/W; The first Titan steer for sale. The elite of Watusi horn piping and favor.
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Price:  $1200

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