Plumb Shady

Texas Longhorn Exhibition_Steer - Plumb Shady - Photo Number: d_7718.jpg

DOB: 4/20/2013
Color: W/R spks Weight: 1100

(on 5/24/2016)

Horns: 85.38

(on 11/8/2018)

Price: $4500
Plumb Shady Early indications appear this will be one of the best of the 2013 exhibition steers. Horns 83 inches T2T on 5-31-18. Those who know show steers know his horns are going the right direction. He does not believe in shish-kabobing. He does over eat and has to sleep it off. Buy him before the Russians hack him. He doesn't have a wasted ipod habit, doesn't play socker and not old enough for bingo.
Texas Longhorn Sire - Plumb Line - Photo Number: b_2454.jpg
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