Tuff Dance

Texas Longhorn Pair - Tuff Dance - Photo Number: f_2818.jpg
Reg.: I-269139
DOB: 4/11/2014
Color: R/W
Weight: 1160

(on 6/19/2019)

Horns: 73.0

(on 11/20/2018)

Price: $3600
Tuff Dance A big daughter of Tuff. Her dam, Dancer produced Jackpot (85"), Drag Dance, Dirty Dancer, Sword Play, and Top Dance, all well known. One horn dingulated. All DCC cattle guaranteed PV by DNA. Heifer at side by Jet Black born 5-2-19. Service sire: Point Mark, seeing is believing his data under referernce sires.

Texas Longhorn Sire - Cowboy Tuff Chex - Photo Number: CTC-20190601.jpg
Cowboy Tuff Chex
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Texas Longhorn Dam - Dancer - Photo Number: a_3477.jpg
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