Stop Already

Texas Longhorn Reference_Sire - Stop Already - Photo Number: h_2975.jpg
Reg.: I-275092
DOB: 5/23/2016
Color: Brn/W Pnl
Weight: 1874

(on 3/23/2022)

Horns: 82.25

(on 3/23/2022)

Price: NFS

X    JoelD

Stop Already Stop has been bred at DCC for 3 seasons. He is one of the strongest all purpose pure black sires. He is the smooth, trim type of his sire with the fine high breeding sought by DCC for 54 years. Horns 81.88" T2T. His dam is the ITLA Champion and favorite Tuff daughter at DCC. He is slick as a kindergarden door knob and correct in every way. His genetic plan with line-bred Don Quixote asures strong true black with clean correct conformation. Dazzling in person.

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