Out Front

Texas Longhorn Bull_2017 - Out Front - Photo Number: f_2215.jpg
Reg.: I-277300
DOB: 3/24/2017
Color: R/W Unln
Weight: 1110

(on 6/6/2019)

Horns: 64.63

(on 6/6/2019)

Price: $11,000
Out Front He was in the top 4 bulls from the 2017 crop selected to use on DCC heifers. Unfortunately, he has 3 closely related sires in use. We can't use the whole family. He has some fancy calves born. He was bred for one who hates genetic procrastunation.

Texas Longhorn Sire - Cowboy Tuff Chex - Photo Number: CTC-20190601.jpg
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Texas Longhorn Dam - Jam Out! - Photo Number: c_5663.jpg
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Reckon Focus x Out Front - 2019 Calf
Reckon Focus x Out Front - 2019 Calf