Titan Buff

Watusi Bull_2017 - Titan Buff - Photo Number: f_1255.jpg

DOB: 6/20/2017
Color: R/W Mdln
Weight: 1025

(on 6/6/2019)

Horns: 57.13

(on 6/6/2019)

Price: $3400
Titan Buff He is one of the highest value colors of any Watusi to date. His sire has 86" T2T and a Buffalo Bill dam. Strong stuff. DCC keeps the best Watusi bull calf every year. He is royally bred, dog gentle and avaliable. Great base and desired lateral horn direction. A million dollar color. Stage 1 halter trained.

Watusi Sire - Titan Wolf - Photo Number: c_1525.jpg
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