Texas Longhorn Bull_2018 - Barber - Photo Number: f_2388.jpg

DOB: 4/28/2018
Color: Black
Weight: 802

(on 6/6/2019)

Horns: 29.5

(on 6/6/2019)

Price: $1700
Barber Anyone who knows a dimple from a pimple about pedigrees will respect this young fellow who holds promise to be a successor to many great genetic things. Breed him to cows with a lot of white and there will be more color than an excapee from a nudist colony.

Saddlehorn Saddle Tramp Top Caliber
Hunts Command Respect
Love Is Blue
Kelo Chex Bl039
Foot Loose Kelo Chex
Night Chex
BL Lady Lil
Swinging Easy
The Shadow
Daddy's Money
Texas Longhorn Dam - Drag Dance - Photo Number: e_8872.jpg
Drag Dance
Drag Iron Jamakizm
Shining Victory
Victory Lap
Shining Through
Dancer Jet Set
Bail Jumper
Preston's 9/0
Feather Dancer
Blade Of Senator
Feather Horn