Jamaka Rose x Drop Box - 2019 Bull

 Bull_2019 - Jamaka Rose x Drop Box - 2019 Bull - Photo Number: f_11770.jpg

DOB: 4/15/2019
Color: Br/brind spot
Weight: 373

(on 9/24/2019)

Price: $4200
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Jamaka Rose x Drop Box - 2019 Bull A serious Drop Box dark smoky brindle with a Jamakizm daughter for a mother. Wow-powerful stuff. Front cutting edge genetics. This bull will add color -- he will put color on a bull frog, or a biscuit, or a concubine's chariot.

 Sire - Drop Box - Photo Number: f_1901.jpg
Drop Box
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 Dam - Jamaka Rose - Photo Number: f_6951.jpg
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