Cut The Light

 Bull_2019 - Cut The Light - Photo Number: J_0639.jpg
Reg.: I-283964
DOB: 6/2/2019
Color: Drk R/W sp
Weight: 1728

(on 6/7/2022)

Horns: 72.25

(on 6/7/2022)

Price: $6500
Sorry, already Sold    

X    Kirk

Cut The Light Cut The Light won first at the ORVTLA Show in 2020 and All Age Reserve Champion Bull. He has always been a striking wild speckled color. It is easy to assume he will mature well over a ton like his sire. He has carefully removed one horn tip which caused his price to be lower. Show halter trained. Likes clover. He will sire size, great conformation and make it fun to watch his calves grow up in your pasture.

 Sire - Cut'N Dried - Photo Number: g_3743.jpg
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Reckon Focus x Cut the light - 2022 heifer
Reckon Focus x Cut the light - 2022 heifer
Photo Credit: Doug Burris