Stand Strong

Texas Longhorn Reference_Sire - Stand Strong - Photo Number: J_5643.jpg
Reg.: I-289136
DOB: 5/26/2020
Color: R/W
Weight: 1474

(on 11/29/2022)

Horns: 78.88

(on 11/29/2022)

Price: NFS


Stand Strong Stand Strong is a full brother to Drop Box. He has created new excitement at DCC. He will lower and back-slant high-forward horn shapes to a more desirable value. His dam is one of the most consistent, superior producers in breed history. No one has too much Jam Packed genetics. He is being test bred at DCC. More results next year. So far so good.

Texas Longhorn Sire - Cowboy Tuff Chex - Photo Number: CTC-20190601.jpg
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