Cut'n Ready

 Bull_2021 - Cut'n Ready - Photo Number: j_8512.jpg

DOB: 7/7/2021
Color: B/W
Weight: 668

(on 9/26/2022)

Horns: 37.5

(on 9/26/2022)

Sorry, already Sold    


Cut'n Ready He is black as a crows arm pit, straight as a stage coach tongue, and halter trained to stage #1. His sire and dam represent wonderfully correct conformation. At DCC it was thought his dam would win all the futurities, but covid changed that with show cancelations.

 Sire - Stop Already - Photo Number: H_2975.jpg
Stop Already
Non Stop Over Kill
Over Head
Field of Pearls
Obvious Top
Top Caliber
Obviously Fultz
Tuff Enough Cowboy Tuff Chex
Cowboy Chex
BL Rio Catchit
Dragon Smile
Drag Iron
Winning Smile
 Dam - Cut'N Ride - Photo Number: j_4510.jpg
Cut'N Ride
Cut'N Dried Cowboy Tuff Chex
Cowboy Chex
BL Rio Catchit
Dragon Pearl
Drag Iron
Field of Pearls
Point Rider Clear Point
Clear Win
Idle Frenzie
Forever Drag
Drag Iron
Fine Forever
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