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DOB: 7/7/2015 Sire: Paxton; Dam: Pre Blue; Color: Drk R/W sp; Service Sire:Titan Wolf; She is 3/4 Watusi of the highest quality lineage and 1/4 Texas Longhorn. She will brighten a pasture. Although elgible to register at a 3/4 WWA Watusi, sells unregistered. Preg check pos to Titan Wolf (horns wide enough to reach two counties) Test neg Johne's.

Price:  $2800
Sorry, already Sold.   RSxOH


DOB: 3/27/2009; Sire: Buffalo Bill; Dam: Zena; Color: Red; Service Sire:Titan Wolf, record lateral horn; This is a big 1260 lb daughter of legendary horn sire Buffalo Bill. She is a stunning pasture cow and eats from your hand. Preg test pos to Titan Wolf. Johne's test neg. Nine more of these cows would buy a beautiful Ugandan wife, if you need another wife. For an extra fee an unrelated herd sire included.

Price:  $3900