Bull 2020 List

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Fine Cut

DOB: 5/11/2020; Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Jest Fine; Color: R/W Spkd; He is the stunning Cut'n Dried look all over. He is big, crazy brindle wild color, lots of horn all going the right direction, halter trained stage #1, and a hip as big as my 6th grade school principal. He is an easy call, unless your compass is upside down.

Price:  $4500

Point Jib

DOB: 6/17/2020; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Jibber Jab; Color: Black; For a black bull with black all over, he's your future sire. Does not meet facebook community standards when the word semen is used. Only a few of these fancy Point Mark sons. His pedigree is full of trusted value genetics -- names you know. He is difficult for cattle rustlers to find at night. Halter trained stage #1. Look at that triangular head for base foundation. He has successfully removed about 3" from one horn tip.

Price:  $2900


DOB: 4/11/2020; Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex; Dam: Jest Respect; Color: R/W; At DCC Rush has been held for a back up sire in case one of the CTC sons was out of commission. Price just slashed due to horn tip discombobulation. One built like a tank -- close to the ground -- compact -- and thick as a DC cab driver's mistress. An easy call for over 90" at maturity. Halter trained stage #1. Look at his wide forehead and tiny ears, both signs of many generations of correct breeding. He is a muss-hog.

Price:  $7500