Bull 2021 List

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Bliss Be Cool x Iron Span - Bull

DOB: 4/24/2021 Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Bliss Be Cool; Color: W/B spkld; What a fantabulated pedigree. More color than an impeachment dungeon. Filled with generations for value and stunning favor. Available at Weaning.

Price:  $2600
Sorry, already Sold.   CWxPA

Bogia x Point Mark - 2021 Bull

DOB: 6/4/2021; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Bogia; Color: R/W; This young stud has it all going for him. The Point Marks are the most consistent of all.

Price:  $2000

Drag Hot x Spokesman - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/18/2021; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Drag Hot; Color: R/W unln; Four corners like a brick. Pinto as an Indian pony. Never been to outer space and don't care. Look at that hooks to pins -- wow!

Price:  $1900

Fast Focus x Iron Span - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/14/2021; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Fast Focus; Color: W/R Hd; Expected to turn dark brindle. Buy him early and save.

Price:  $1600

Flaired Anchor x Time Line

DOB: 5/9/2021 Sire: Time Line; Dam: Flaired Anchor; Color: R/W Spkd; A long tall drink of water with genetics of the highest order. Buy young and save.

Price:  $1500
Sorry, already Sold.   KTxTN

Not Spicy x Point Mark - 2021 Bull

DOB: 5/4/2021 Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Not Spicy; Color: W/R; He has face attraction. His dam may be DCC's besthorned Non Stop daughter. Buy him young then laugh all the way to the bank later on. He will win shows and have value after the show ring.

Price:  $2000
Sorry, already Sold.   GTxTX

Over Marked x Drop Box - Bull

DOB: 4/18/2021; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Over Marked; Color: R/W Spkd; He will never have any less specks. He is growing during the night when no one is looking. The genetics are packed like a truck full of illegals.

Price:  $1600

Plan High x Drag Iron - Bull

DOB: 4/24/2021; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Plan High; Color: W/R spkld; A long, tall, speckled Drag Iron son with more potential than a bribed bureaucrat.

Price:  $2800

Pointed Meg x Stop Already - 2021

DOB: 4/9/2021; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Pointed Meg; Color: R/W pnl; He shows early herd sire virtue. He is worth a venture with little risk.

Price:  $1600

Rizzo x Point Mark - 2021 Bull

DOB: 5/3/2021; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Rizzo; Color: W/R hd; Look at his hip muscle. Point Mark adds his stamp.

Price:  $1200

Rosey Fouette x Spokesman - bull

DOB: 5/5/2021; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Rosey Fouette; Color: B/W; Too early to be conclusive, yet the facts speak loud and clear. Bold as splattered licorice on an angels wing. Note, had a foot injury, but will be guaranteed sound. He needs rescued from a warm milk chronic addiction. Available October.

Price:  $2500

Super Mileage x Elfego

DOB: 4/14/2021; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Super Mileage; Color: B/W spkld; No one could ask for a higher value-face. His dam also produced Twig. Drag A Mile, Iron On (International Champion), Iron Kiss, Plotter, and Strutting Stan. He is what the majority wants but often can't find. He is available at weaning -- buy now.

Price:  $4500

Tux Free x Spokesman - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/5/2021; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Tux Free; Color: W/B spkld; This is the bull everyone picks as choice. More specks than the roof of a licorice factory. Spokesman bulls are trendy. Shows great early horn growth.

Price:  $2900

Velvet Cake x Spokesman - 2021 Bull

DOB: 5/25/2021; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Velvet Cake; Color: Brn/W; He is shedding off blacker every day. He will give the Spokesman speck factor and darken the pasture.

Price:  $1400