Heifer 2019 List

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Almond Sea

DOB: 4/9/2019 Sire: Non Stop; Dam: Almond Eyes; Color: R/W; Smooth as a June Cohron split frog hair. Straight and ready to win big shows One horn is growing so fast it doesn't match the exact angle of the other horn.

Price:  $1900
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Drop Skid

DOB: 6/7/2019; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Darkened Drag; Color: R/W; This petite Drop Box heifer is a special rare collection of all the value genetics. It is all here. Hang in there like a black hair on a biscuit and buy this heifer. This is not the other yellow meat. If you don't like her, you could get thrown out of the Chicago Mafia for playing dirty.

Price:  $2100

Easy Wit

DOB: 4/15/2019; Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Easy Grace; Color: W/R ears; It's easy to call the game, but red brindle specks are soon exploding like sugar eating cheer leaders bouncing on the field.

Price:  $1400

Front Caliber

DOB: 4/28/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Clear Caliber; Color: W/R spks; She is just starting to brindle all over - wait until she does the roaning process. Her pedigree has more famous heroes of the breed than Colin Kaepernick has bad decisions. This is your last chance to buy before Congress votes themselves another pay raise. Oops, sorry, too late.

Price:  $2200

Front Point

DOB: 5/24/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Point In Space; Color: W/R ears; A long tall heifer destined to mature quality. She is young and priced easy. Brown brindle base color. Never traveled alone, or with anyone. Show her some scenery.

Price:  $1500


DOB: 5/15/2019; Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Jumanski; Color: W/R ears; One fo the few Cut'n Dried heifers offered. She is young in season, but more anatomy genetics than a half time Super Bowl.

Price:  $1400

La Risa

DOB: 6/27/2019; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Tuff Laugh; Color: R/W; She is bold bright but young. She is one of the DCC youngest. Last chance to buy her before Congress votes themselves another pay raise.

Price:  $1100


DOB: 5/25/2019 Sire: Time Line; Dam: Hitachi; Color: W/R Ears; Look at the bone from Time Line, the thickness of Dragon Pearl and the legend of Shadow Jubilee. Wow! Soon to be pregnant and price will increase. Save her from error and breed to your own bull.

Price:  $1500
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Neel Out

DOB: 5/21/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Neela; Color: R/W; Hold your breath........ look at the banding in this pedigree to include Tuff, Rim Rock, Jamakizm, and Clear Win. Unbelievable genetics full to the brim in one sweet package. She is moving forward and out-doing her pasture friends. Price has been increased.

Price:  $1900

Soft Impact

DOB: 6/28/2019; Sire: Point of Impact; Dam: Jibbs; Color: Red; One of the larger weaning weights of young heifers -- that is always good. She is 100% covered in untanned cow hide. She is professional grade, although a subtle brown wrapper. Heavy bone like her sire.

Price:  $1700


DOB: 7/8/2019 Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Run So Far; Color: W/R ears; She has a carousel of the top modern genetics. Her late birth makes her a sweet deal. Her dam is one of the tallest cows at DCC. She is priced so low you would think one leg doesn't reach the ground.

Price:  $1050
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DOB: 4/29/2019 Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Mosquito; Color: B/W; She is long tall and leggy. She won't be a cob-roller. Lots of frame to fill in. More visual anatomy than a Super Bowl half time pole dance.

Price:  $2400
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Sugar Front

DOB: 5/18/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Sugar High; Color: W/R spkld; She is speckled as an Eskimo canoe during penguin season. Savor her pedigree. No leased or borrowed bulls in her pedigree.

Price:  $1600


DOB: 4/25/2019; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Rosy Cheeks; Color: Red; Shes the cream of the Loomas breeding plus Field of Pearls. Very correct but economical.

Price:  $1300

Sweetly Dried

DOB: 6/8/2019 Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Sweetheart; Color: Red; Not many Cut'n Dried heifers available. Look at the substance and depth. The pedigree tells her story. Buy her so she can be bred to your great bull instead of a ...........

Price:  $1700
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