Heifer 2019 List

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Beauty Bitts x Non Stop - 2019 Heif

DOB: 5/23/2019; Sire: Non Stop; Dam: Beauty Bitts; Color: W/R hd, lgs; This was a big DCC heifer year, so good prices on great genetics. She will have more twists than an earth worm prom. Life is more profitable with quality Texas Longhorns.

Price:  $1400

Condoleeza x Drop Box - 2019 heifer

DOB: 5/24/2019; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Condoleezza; Color: W/B hd, lgs; A beautiful Drop Box heifer. Look - she is out of a Hung Trial grand daughter. There are 52 years of planned matings here. Don't start from scratch when we have already scratched for you -- use the DCC multi-tasking genetics.

Price:  $2600

Darkened Drag x Drop Box

DOB: 6/7/2019; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Darkened Drag; Color: R/W; This petite Drop Box heifer is a special rare collection of all the value genetics. It is all here. Hang in there like a black hair on a biscuit and buy this heifer. This is not the other yellow meat.

Price:  $3000

Dragon Glaze x Drop Box - 2019 Heif

DOB: 4/22/2019; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Dragon Glaze; Color: R/W; It appears brindle is starting. Look at that brilliant pedigree! She is for those who know there is a difference. Delivery included at an extra fee.

Price:  $3100

Dragon Hunter x Tibbs - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 5/1/2019 Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Dragon Hunter; Color: W/R spkls; Most Tibbs heifers turn brindle. Regardless, she will always be a pretty color. Look at the pedigree. No sires in her pedigree were unregistered, leased or borrowed.

Price:  $1600
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Dragon Knot x Time Line - 2019 Heif

DOB: 5/24/2019; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Dragon Knot; Color: W/R Spkd; Look close at the Time Line family of elegant genetics and smooth conformation. Relocation services provided at an extra fee. Her genetics are stronger than sand turtle milk.

Price:  $2200

Far Fetched x Time Line - Heifer

DOB: 4/13/2019; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Far Fetched; Color: Red; She is long tall and sees well. If she is like her mother, she will calve every year, raise a fat calf, and never do anything off color. Just leave her alone and she will work for you.

Price:  $950

Fozell x Clear Point - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 4/13/2019 Sire: Clear Point; Dam: Fozell; Color: R/W Pnl; An AI Clear Point heifer of a stunning color. Fozell is bred to CP every year with highly valuable results. Owning this heifer could be the start of something very profitable.

Price:  $4000
Sorry, already Sold.   HKxoh

Handy Vavra x Time Line - 2019 Heif

DOB: 7/2/2019; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Handy Vavra; Color: W/R spts; Heifer only sells. Her new owner will see specks popping right before your very eyes. Available later October after all shots and weaning.

Price:  $1600

Jest Max x Tibbs - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 4/20/2019; Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Jest Max; Color: W/R spkld; She is a spitting image of her grand dam Jester. Big hooves to fill. She is not a hussie who gets pregnant, leaves the pasture for another bull, and making her grandmother take care of the calf. That is not the Longhorn way. TL cattle have normal affection for families.

Price:  $2100

Killing Cowboys x Drag Iron - 2019

DOB: 4/23/2019 Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Killing Cowboys; Color: B/W; The Drag Iron x Tuff banding may be the greatest most consistent for quality, eye appeal, and value. Many have never seen this pedigree before.

Price:  $3200
Sorry, already Sold.   WDxKS

Lots of Iron x Tibbs - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 4/14/2019; Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Lots Of Iron; Color: Red Brindle; Most have never had a charcoal/rusty brindle. This heifer will be unique in any pasture. I am not telling you she is cheap -- just saying she is worth it.

Price:  $2100

Madora x Jet Black Chex - 2019 Heif

DOB: 5/6/2019; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Madora; Color: B/W RMP; She is classic Jet Black style with Juma specks and Rio Horn. Circle the field and Buzz This Tower.

Price:  $1900

Noble Iron x Time Line - 2019 Heif

DOB: 4/15/2019 Sire: Time Line; Dam: Noble Iron; Color: Bk/W; Time Line's calves are excelling our highest expectations. She is destined to stand out in any crowd.

Price:  $3200
Sorry, already Sold.   JExoh

Oreo Squared x Cut'n Dried

DOB: 5/5/2019 Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Oreo Squared; Color: B/W; This could be something big. Don't take a chance on a divorce by not buying this sweet heifer. The extraordinary genetics are piled deep here.

Price:  $3200
Sorry, already Sold.   DBxca

Over Marked x Drop Box - 2019

DOB: 6/8/2019; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Over Marked; Color: R/W; This fancy Drop Box heifer will have a great future. Her dam is a maternal sister to Jamister and Point Mark. She is mighty, mighty fine.

Price:  $2600

Over The Top x Drop Box - 2019

DOB: 5/3/2019; Sire: Drop Box ; Dam: Over the Top; Color: R/W; This heifer is a serious futurity prospect who will have top value after show season. What more could anyone want?

Price:  $3100

Point Fast x Drop Box - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 6/7/2019; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Point Fast; Color: R/W; These Drop Box heifers are refined, tall, and just simply pretty. She should brindle, and totally roan.

Price:  $3100

Priscilla x Out Front - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 5/3/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Priscilla; Color: R/W; The first of the Out Front heifers, and she is nice. Looks like early brindling on her face. Will speck all over. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire -- maybe this heifer?

Price:  $1100

Rodeo Bliss x Non Stop - 2018 Heif.

DOB: 5/23/2019 Sire: Non Stop; Dam: Rodeo Bliss; Color: R/W; For sure a futurity heifer sired by a leading futurity winner sire. Her dam is a maternal sister to Champion Jam Packed.

Price:  $2000
Sorry, already Sold.   DBxca

Rusty Tool x Drop Box - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 2/24/2019; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Rusty Tool; Color: W/R hd, legs; Just a few Drop Box heifers available. She will be strong brindle and roan up with age. Check this great pedigree. The joy of ranching is pasture tours with friends viewing striking cattle -- not just galling visuals. This one brings happiness.

Price:  $2500

Special Jangle x Non Stop - Heifer

DOB: 4/12/2019; Sire: Non Stop; Dam: Special Jangle; Color: R/W pnl; From the last DCC calf crop for Non Stop. Look at the pedigree. She is not a low bidder choice. Her sire is now owned by Major Legue baseball pitcher Ross Ohlendorg.

Price:  $1100

Stormy Run x Hooray - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 4/28/2019; Sire: Hooray; Dam: Stormy Run; Color: W/R ears; She is a red roan and will become 50% red roan hairs with maturity. So Nice!!

Price:  $1200

Top Winner x Non Stop - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 5/1/2019 Sire: Non Stop; Dam: Top Winner; Color: B/W; Look very carefully at the little debutante. Every piece of her puzzle is in the right place.

Price:  $2600
Sorry, already Sold.   JExoh

Tuff Luck x Hooray - 2019 Heifer

DOB: 5/9/2019 Sire: Hooray; Dam: Tuff Luck; Color: R/W; Hooray is one of the greatest conformation bulls in the TL breed. The Jamakizm and Tuff may be the most progressive banding ever.

Price:  $1900
Sorry, already Sold.   GGxTN