Heifer 2020 List

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Pin Clue x Progress Wrap - Heifer

DOB: 6/13/2020; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Pin Clue; Color: B/W; Perfectly belted. Smooth as a Washington frog hair. Just like everyone wants to raise one.

Price:  $1400

Pin Down x Slug Cal - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 4/26/2020; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Pin Down; Color: B/W; She is big, yet trim. Smooth as a sober political script writer.

Price:  $1500

Power Kin x Slug Cal - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 6/15/2020; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Power Kin; Color: B/W; What a sweet package. Young and easy.

Price:  $1100

Power Plus x Progress Wrap - 2020

DOB: 5/1/2020; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Power Plus; Color: B/W; She is spot-on nice. Couldn't draw a more perfect belt. Look at the long smooth hip.

Price:  $1600

Power Steve x Slug Cal - 2020 Heif.

DOB: 5/6/2020; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Power Steve; Color: B/W; A sweet heifer with correct belt, low birth weight, and identifies as a future faithful brood cow. Look at that hip like a New Orleans cab driver's wife.

Price:  $1500