Heifer 2020 List

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Adagio Flair x Stop Already - Heif.

DOB: 4/19/2020; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Adagio Flair; Color: R/W; She is beautiful genetically banded. Look at that tiny lady-like face.

Price:  $1200

All Points x Elfego - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 4/25/2020 Sire: Elfego; Dam: All Points; Color: B/W; This is one you have been asking for. Your eyes will interpret this quality. She has more black heritage than a turtle's gizzard. Eight ancestors over a ton. Nine ancestors are over 80", 90", or 100". Strong blood!!!

Price:  $2500
Sorry, already Sold.   SDxRI

Black Aces x Spokesman - 2020

DOB: 4/18/2020; Sire: Spokeman; Dam: Black Aces; Color: 4/18/20; She is long, tall, dark, and lovely. What a stunning cow she will be.

Price:  $2100

Briar Patch x Cut'N Dried - Heifer

DOB: 4/26/2020 Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Briar Patch; Color: W/R Ears; First chance to purchase a Cut'n Dried heifer with the Winchester blend. Available at weaning in October. To fall in love, check the pedigree.

Price:  $1700
Sorry, already Sold.   DPxWV

Clear Symbol x Drop Box - 2020 Heif

DOB: 5/9/2020; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Clear Symbol; Color: W/R hd; This little suit case is packing the good stuff. She is brindle base and look at the early horn growth? No neighbor's bulls in her pedigree. No rioters or picketers.

Price:  $2200

Clear Yea! x Drop Box - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 4/7/2020; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Clear Yea!; Color: W/R; her dam is a huge horn and body genetic package. Drop Box needs no introduction. Show heifer without apology.

Price:  $3200

Eliza x Point Mark - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 6/10/2020; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Eliza; Color: B/W; The newest DCC improved genetics. She has 5 over 80, 90, and 100" ancestors. She has 12 over a ton ancestors. She identifies as a highly valuable developing female.

Price:  $2900

Flaired Anchor x Time Line - Heifer

DOB: 5/11/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Flaired Anchor; Color: R/W spkd; This is a large heifer for her age. Rightfully so with 27 over one ton ancestors. She is bred to be everything of value to the TL breed.

Price:  $2500

Makita x Time Line - Heifer

DOB: 4/19/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Makita; Color: W/R spks; Look at the substance and body thickness! Her dam is a full sister to Clear Win. This is futuristic genetics.

Price:  $1900

Meg x Hooray - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 5/4/2020 Sire: Hooray; Dam: Meg; Color: Red; The last DCC Hooray calf crop. Look at this profile! Her dam is a daughter of the top bull in South Dakota, Top Hand.

Price:  $1300
Sorry, already Sold.   KGxIA

Noble Iron x Time Line - 2020 Heif.

DOB: 4/16/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Noble Iron; Color: Bk/W; Beautiful color, great conformation and 23 over a ton ancestors. She will be big, trim, and bold.

Price:  $3500

Rusty Noon x Iron Span - 2020 Heif.

DOB: 4/18/2020; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Rusty Noon; Color: W/R ears; Feast your eyes and smile. The Lone Ranger's horse wanted to be this color but his ears were too white. Her body is long as Saturday night TV commercials.

Price:  $2000

Soft Focus x Drop Box - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 4/16/2020; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Soft Focus; Color: R/W spkd; This fancy heifer is bred to have more horn than the Georgetown marching band. Absolutely perfect profile. Will speculate like a freckled face Florida kid.

Price:  $2900

Steely x Time Line - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 4/9/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Steely; Color: W/R; Sired by Time Line, the largest son of Rio. She is very correct. Her mother proudly bathes her several times a day. Look at that hip like a south Nigerian hippo.

Price:  $1700

Stop Yea! x Elfego - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 4/25/2020; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Stop Yea!; Color: R/W; She has the Saddlehorn conformation plus red specks to the kazoo. One ear crumpulated.

Price:  $1100

Tempting Mark x Spokesman

DOB: 6/7/2020; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Tempting Mark; Color: W/R sptd; She is pretty as a government regulation rescinded. She has more culture than a barrel of greek yogurt. Doesn't wear a mask so you can see here smile. Enjoys clover, tree foil, kentucky blue and timothy grasses.

Price:  $1900

Velvet Cake x Spokesman - 2020

DOB: 4/16/2020 Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Velvet Cake; Color: W/R Spkld; Just starting to speculate to the kazoo. Genetically blasted full to the brim. Save money -- she never uses expensive hoof sanitizer.

Price:  $1900
Sorry, already Sold.   AJxPA