Heifer 2021 List

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Graphic Glory x Top Zone - Heifer

DOB: 4/9/2021; Sire: Top Zone; Dam: Graphic Glory; Color: B/W; A near perfect Top Zone heifer. What more could you want?

Price:  $1800

Kid Chrome x Slug Cal - 2021

DOB: 4/13/2021; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Kid Chrome; Color: B/W; One of the largest heifers of 2021. What a fancy Buelingo. This is what makes Bueling to breed many are going to.

Price:  $1400

Pin Boot x Top Zone - 2021

DOB: 4/22/2021; Sire: Top Zone; Dam: Pin boot; Color: B/W; One of the first Top Zone heifers offered. Top Zone will be semen collected due to the demand for semen from this great young bull. Many are chosen, but few are frozen.

Price:  $1100

Progress Prone x Slug Cal - 2021

DOB: 5/4/2021; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Progress Prone; Color: B/W; It is all right here except one crumppled ear. Although it doesn't look too good, she can hear well and we guarantee her calve will have normal ears.

Price:  $1000

Scarlet Queen x Slug Cal - 2021

DOB: 4/12/2021; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Scarlet Queen; Color: R/W; This long trip Slug Cal heifer will be the prettiest Buelingo in the pasture. She is a banding of Slug Fest and Scarlet Kid, which could be nice.

Price:  $1400

Wrap It x Slug Cal - 2021 Heifer

DOB: 4/12/2021; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Wrap It; Color: R/W; What a stream lined heifer. A perfectly symmetrical belt. Who could want better.

Price:  $1100

Wrap Out x Slug Cal - 2021

DOB: 4/10/2021; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Wrap Out; Color: B/W; Another tall Slug Cal heifer to decorate any pasture. Available at weaning in Oct.

Price:  $1100