Heifer 2021 List

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Certain Mac

DOB: 4/3/2021; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Certain Hand; Color: W/B pnt; This Macanudo heifer has a crazy wrap-around, blotch, pinto pattern. Value color certain. Love her pedigree. The governor can spot her day or night.

Price:  $2800

Clear Chance x Drop Box -2021 Heif

DOB: 5/11/2021; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Clear Chance; Color: R/W; Kara says don't sell this one. Sorry Kara. Notice her dam is a full sister to Clear Point. Only 3 bulls went over a ton with 90" and Clear Point was the first. This is the future. Be there when it happens. Size and horn are easy to raise, but not size and horn all at the same time. Feral Fred photo.

Price:  $2500

Crawl Past

DOB: 5/11/2021 Sire: Elfego; Dam: Crawl For It; Color: R/W; What a correct specimen for a futurity winner. She is a dark rich pattern with every piece in the right place. She has the guaranted cow hide covering with no zipper. She can be trusted. Unlike a turmite, she won't eat wood.

Price:  $6000
Sorry, already Sold.   LDxWY

Cut Fast

DOB: 6/1/2021; Sire: Cut n Dried; Dam: Ju 2 Fast; Color: R/W; This big Cut'n Dried daughter will stand above the other cattle. She not only has serious breed leading horn genetics, but also great size is a given. Scroll down and take a gander at her parents. They are something to behold.

Price:  $5500

Cyclone x Elfego - 2021 Heifer

DOB: 4/29/2021; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Cyclone; Color: R/W; Smooth trim and ready to dedicate a life of production. She may be like the prom gal who sat in the corner, then 2 years later you kick yourself for not noticing. Elfego daughters are starting to attract attention from bright producers.

Price:  $1900

Drop Bliss

DOB: 4/15/2021 Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Blissful Morn; Color: B/W; One of the DCC best 2021 weight heifers. She is thick and bold as Hunter Biden entered at a girls mud wrestling tournament. Genetics take time, lots of time. Let us do the time for you.

Price:  $2700
Sorry, already Sold.   MTxIN

Half Time

DOB: 4/28/2021 Sire: Time Line; Dam: Debutante; Color: W/B hd, lgs; She is black as Putin's heart. And, a rear end as big as Rodney Dangerfield's girl friend. She is thick, kind hearted and has never violated FB community standards. She has a sweet face and little breedy ears.

Price:  $3700
Sorry, already Sold.   MTxIN

Iron Time

DOB: 4/9/2021 Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Sweet Time; Color: W/R hd, lgs; Only one Drag Iron yearling offered. Her family traditional specks are starting to blossom. No one, even Hunter Biden has enough Drag Iron cows. More serious genetics than Coffelt's police dog.

Price:  $6000
Sorry, already Sold.   ZWxMT

Mac Wow

DOB: 4/11/2021; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Wizard Wow; Color: W/R hd, lg; Macanudo as sire with a direct Drag Iron daughter - what a clean banding. Enjoys walking in the cool of the evening, smells flowers and loves eating green clover and thorny weeds. A pedigree designed for a professional herd. She does not like coyotes, buzzards or tax assessors.

Price:  $3500

On Ready

DOB: 5/20/2021 Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Obvious Point; Color: R/W Pnl; Two out of three say don't sell this one. However, someone will get to love her. Do a Felix Serna study and things really look promising here. Look at the substance. Note Obvious Top is dam of Non Stop and Iron Span. Rich in flavor. Meets facebook community standards.

Price:  $3500
Sorry, already Sold.   LDxWY

Road Time

DOB: 5/18/2021; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Clear Road; Color: W/R Ears; She is whiter than Hopalong Cassidy's horse, yet with more pure blood. She will be a big thick cow with many good years. Look at the size. No sign of roan specks yet, maybe another year.

Price:  $1900

Run Forest

DOB: 6/10/2021; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Point Popper; Color: R/W; She combines the correctness of Non Stop with the good extremes of Clear Point -- good Stuff! She is young and elegant. There are 55 years of planned matings behind her.

Price:  $2200

Span On

DOB: 6/26/2021 Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Hoo-On; Color: R/W Spkld; She's a perfect appaloosa color with Iron Spans rich dark red. Notice her International Champion grandmother - Iron On.

Price:  $2500
Sorry, already Sold.   ZWxMT

Star Dust

DOB: 4/13/2021; Sire: Sweet Brindle Dust; Dam: Top Iron; Color: Brn/W; This long tall heifer is the best banding of Sweet Brindle Dust with a Drag Iron daughter. Very long horn for black horn. She has serious values. Fully cow hide covering. She could be mated to an Angus, Hereford, Quarter Horse, or large rabbit -- all very bad choices.

Price:  $4900