Heifer 2022 List

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Already Obsessed

DOB: 4/29/2022; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: To Obsess; Color: R/W spks; Service Sire:Next Rush; She is wild colored, but gentle at heart. She stays fat like Russell Freeman's fifth grade girl friend. Preg pos to Next Rush.

Price:  $2800

Diegos Girl

DOB: 5/8/2022; Sire: Diego BCR; Dam: Super Titan; Color: R/W spkld; Diegos Girl-- This big heifer combines the banding of Tuff, El Cid, Drag Iron and Super Bowl--all famous stuff. This nice thick mama will raise many fat calves with more color than a Hamas tunnel. Fall breeding service sire: Buckle Up.

Price:  $1800

Iron Ahead

DOB: 7/19/2022; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: One Jump Ahead; Color: R/W spkld; She is speckled as a Shot-gun wedding groom. Shes young and her jury is still on break. In the DCC fall breeding program exposed to Assie Grimes.

Price:  $1900

Lucky Box

DOB: 5/12/2022; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Lucky Tibb; Color: W/R hd; Service Sire:Ice Pick; A beautiful blend of Drop Box, Tibbs, and Tempter. There is more here than the eye can see. Includes 4 puppies of unknown pedigree as the supply lasts. Preg checked positive to Ice Pick

Price:  $2800


DOB: 5/12/2022; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Packed Poet; Color: W/R hd; lgs; This pedigree is more serious than a HAMAS invasion on down town Fort Worth. If your breeding program is cold as a 3 PM biscuit, McFlurry is the good bloodline to warm things up. Fall breeding service sire Buckle Up.

Price:  $2100


DOB: 7/15/2022; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Hoo Struck; Color: W/R Ears; Service Sire:Buckle Up; Everyone has watched the Macanudo progeny winning the big futurities - now here is one for you. Currently being exposed to Buckle Up for fall breeding. She is a tall drink of water.

Price:  $2200

Queen Peck

DOB: 7/10/2022; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Queen Hand; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Buckle Up; Iron Queen, her grandam has forever been the queen cow of DCC. She will speculate the same way. Currently fall exposure to Buckle Up.

Price:  $2400

Ride The Wind

DOB: 5/27/2022; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Cut'n Ride; Color: W/B hd; Service Sire:Ice Pick; There is a sweet banding of great genetics here sired by Falls Creek's senior herd sire Stop Already. Pull yourself away from cliimate hysteria and go Longhorn crazy. Preg check positive to Ice Pick.

Price:  $3100

Soju's Box

DOB: 5/29/2022; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Soju; Color: W/R Hd; Service Sire:Buckle Up; With both parents brindle, more color is soon to come. One free female barn cat included with purchase. Does not give milk at this time, nor even knows how to do it. Consider her as a rescue animal -- prevent her from a life of obesity, deep grass and relaxation. Currently fall breeding exposed to Buckle Up.

Price:  $1400

Tin Child

DOB: 7/6/2022; Sire: Tin Cup; Dam: Problem Child; Color: B/W spkd; Service Sire:Buckle Up; She is long and tall like her sire and a black color base as black as a Benghazi night. Play a fiddle on her pedigree and enjoy the tune. She doesn't speak for herself as she cant talk. Fall breeding exposure to Buckle Up.

Price:  $2200

Wizard Wiz

DOB: 5/11/2022; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Wizard Wow; Color: W/B Hd; Service Sire:Silent Edge; A perfect profile of correctness. She is expected to grow black specks with time. Look at the tiny head and feminine trim neck. It has taken 55 years to get this consistency. Don't go backwards when you can move fast forward. Preg checked positive to Silent Edge.

Price:  $2100