Heifer 2023 List

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Bone Dry x Showman - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 5/15/2023; Sire: Showman; Dam: Bone Dry; Color: W/B Ears; She is that same pretty color as Hopalong Casidy and the Lone Ranger's horse. Her quality genetics are deep as Cuban missle silos.

Price:  $2000

Boom Time x Macanudo - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 4/9/2023; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Boom Time; Color: R/W; She checks every box for correctness. From a family of futurity winners. Includes one hamster and cage as long as supplies last.

Price:  $5200

Crawl For It x Macanudo - 2023 Heif

DOB: 4/23/2023; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Crawl For It; Color: B/W; No one raises a pasture of this quality and flash. Just a few come along. It is easier to buy one than the years to raise one. This is a chance to pounce on a good one.

Price:  $4500

Cut'n Ride x Line Up - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 5/3/2023; Sire: Line Up; Dam: Cut'n Ride; Color: W/B hd; She was born late and did not get a fair start. The genetics are all here. Her dam was a strong futurity contender.

Price:  $1600

I'll Cut You x Showman - 2023 Heif.

DOB: 5/10/2023; Sire: Showman; Dam: I'll Cut You; Color: W/B hd; Black and White as a 42 domino. Her genetics have more punch than a Basic Instinct ice pick. Short on age - long on value.

Price:  $2100

Jibbs x Stand Strong - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 7/6/2023; Sire: Stand Strong; Dam: Jibbs; Color: Red; One of the fancy thick heifers sired by El Coyote bull Stand Strong. Late born, so very low price. Buy genetics and own an economical factory. This family works like a well used litter box--they give comfort.

Price:  $1400

Ju 2 Fast x Levin - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 4/20/2023; Sire: Levin; Dam: Ju 2 Fast; Color: Red; This could be a great strategy by buying low, breeding to a homoqygous black speckled bull and reap the profits.

Price:  $1800

Over Lap x Macanudo - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 4/13/2023; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Over Lap; Color: W/R Hd; Possibly the last daughter of the great DCC cow Over Lap. She isn't as fat due to her 18 year old mother. Proven longevity blood.

Price:  $2900

Point Hoo x Elon - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 4/26/2023; Sire: Elon; Dam: Point Hoo; Color: Red; Rich in genetic power. She bands Point Mark and Flair Galore value blood. Under that brown wrapper in 56 years of genetic planning.

Price:  $1800

Quirley Box x Elon - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 7/4/2023; Sire: Elon; Dam: Quirley Box; Color: Brown; She is late born with an age disadvantage. Yet in her pedigree are greats Tuff, Flair Galore, Drag Iron, and Drop Box - That is rich.

Price:  $1800

Saddle Up x Iron Span - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 4/30/2023; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Saddle Up; Color: W/B hd, lgs; What a face? Look at the eye brows. She is starting to roan. Could become a beautiful blue roan.

Price:  $2400

So Queenly x Tin Cup - 2023 Heifer

DOB: 4/17/2023; Sire: Tin Cup; Dam: Son Queenly; Color: R/W; The Tin Cup heifers are beautiful. Come to Ohio and see a pasture of them. This one would make the show heifer many dream of.

Price:  $6500

Stage Fright x Stand Strong - Heif.

DOB: 6/6/2023; Sire: Stand Strong; Dam: Stage Fright; Color: Black; She is black with black all over if you love black. Black Longhorns matter.

Price:  $2400

Stopping Point x Iron Span - Heifer

DOB: 5/31/2023; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Stopping Point; Color: Red; The strongest banding at DCC is Drag Iron and Clear Point. That is what she owns and always will. Keep the factory cost low and produce a high value product.

Price:  $2100

Subtile Point x Macanudo - Heifer

DOB: 5/15/2023; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Subtile Point; Color: B/W; She is the right color, the right pedigree and trim as a Somalia pirate lost at sea for a month. Don't let "BB" in Texas get this one.

Price:  $2900