Bull 2022 List

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Graphic Tally x Top Zone - Bull

DOB: 3/31/2022; Sire: Top Zone; Dam: Graphic Tally; Color: R/W; This is an early calf by our top Buelingo bull in type and kind, Top Zone. He is slick as an Impeachment Dungon door knob, a hind quarter like a New Jersey cab driver and belt that goes for ever.

Price:  $2000

Laugh Echo x Top Zone - 2022 Bull

DOB: 5/26/2022; Sire: Top Zone; Dam: Laugh Echo; Color: Bk/W; In years from now people will look back and say "Wow, those Top Zone bulls did us a lot of good." We at DCC see it. Our buyers will start loving this family soon.

Price:  $2000

Power Do x Top Zone - 2022 Bull

DOB: 5/3/2022; Sire: Top Zone; Dam: Power Do; Color: B/W; Another very correct Top Zone son. They are very similar in low birth weight and high weaning weight.

Price:  $2000

Power Steve x Top Zone - 2022 Bull

DOB: 5/28/2022; Sire: Top Zone; Dam: Power Steve; Color: B/W; He combines the two top DCC Buelingo sires, Power Game and Top Zone. He is thick in the hip as Fred's school principal. He will be a tank for beef.

Price:  $2400

Scarlet Queen x Power Game - Bull

DOB: 3/27/2022; Sire: Power Game; Dam: Scarlet Queen; Color: B/W; He is an AI son of Power Game, the best data of any Buelingo sire of record. He could be the best there is for the future. Everyone at DCC loves his beautiful dam. Correct belts on his first 25 out of 28 ancestors.

Price:  $3500

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