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Tall Phantom

DOB: 5/29/2012 Sire: Pretoria; Dam: High Dingo; Color: W/R Ears; His unusual salt and pepper speculation is like no other. Now you can have a one of a kind, which he is. His horn tips will be wider than the First Lady is tall, but not as thick a base. He will stop fast traffic on a foggy day. 100" is projected easy in his future. Horns T2T 93" on 6-6-19. He is 3/4 Watusi, 1/4 Longhorn.

Price:  $6500
Sorry, already Sold.   LHxOH

Titans Amadi x Judds JD - Steer

DOB: 5/27/2021; Sire: Judds JD; Dam: Titans Amadi; Color: Red; Look at those huge horn buds. That tells the early story on an exhibition steer. Sells as a steer.

Price:  $800

Titasha x Judds JD - 2021 Steer

DOB: 7/8/2021; Sire: Judds JD; Dam: Titasha; Color: Red; He sells as a steer. Will grow horns the size of an transgender Olympic weight lifter's thigh and long as a government tax.

Price:  $800

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