Heifer 2021 List

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Kid Chrome x Slug Cal - 2021

DOB: 4/13/2021 Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Kid Chrome; Color: B/W; One of the largest heifers of 2021. She will be fertile as a prom queen and milk like a Mexican burro. What a fancy Buelingo. This is what makes Bueling to breed many are going to.

Price:  $2100
Sorry, already Sold.   DFxOH

Progress Prone x Slug Cal - 2021

DOB: 5/4/2021 Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Progress Prone; Color: B/W; She is a sweet heifer, except she has one crumppled ear. She is a dignified pasture decore. Although it doesn't flare errect, she can hear well and we guarantee her calves will have normal ears. She can see every move you make.

Price:  $1500
Sorry, already Sold.   CAxPA

Wrap Out x Slug Cal - 2021

DOB: 4/10/2021; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Wrap Out; Color: B/W; Another tall Slug Cal heifer to decorate any pasture. Available now and ready to breed. Meets all qualifications for facebook community standards. Available in two colors with rugged cow hide covering.

Price:  $1700

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