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Brusied Reed

DOB: 4/8/2016; Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Super Most; Color: R/W; She is coming with her 5th birthday raising her 4th calf. Chunky Stop Already bull at side born 4-4-21. Perfect udder. Retained her 2020 bull for a herd sire.

Price:  $3200

Chicken Noodle

DOB: 5/11/2015; Sire: Annex; Dam: Cream of Mushroom; Color: W/R spks; This chunky cow is raising her 4th calf in 4 years. She is faithful. She doesn't chase cars. This is not a rescue project - she will take care of her family. Bull calf at side by Stop Already born 4-8-21.

Price:  $3300

Clear Yea!

DOB: 6/9/2014; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Yea! Victory; Color: Red; She will add her 1298 lb weight to your herd genetics and the correct type of Clear Win. It's trending now. Drop Box bull calf at side smooth as a Trump lawyer.

Price:  $5100

Cool Pack

DOB: 7/11/2018; Sire: Jet Lag; Dam: Full Pack; Color: R/W; Her second calf was born when she was 3 months shy of age 3. That is turning the fertility crank. Heifer calf at side by What Not born 4-11-21.

Price:  $3900

Jet Liner

DOB: 5/11/2017; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Drag Line; Color: R/W spk; This young Jet Black daughter won't be age 4 until 5-11-21 and already raising her third calf. Will she be a great mother... even Pablo Escobar would say yes. Look at that correct profile. Macanudo bull calf at side born 4-10-21.

Price:  $4100

Roman Holiday

DOB: 6/27/2018; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Kookachex; Color: W/R Hd; His sire will soon be 90" and already over 2100 lbs. This is the new frontier to have size and the whole enchilada all in one. His dam was ITLA 2020 All Age Grand Champion Halter cow in the toughest of Texas competition. Roman Holiday is halter trained stage #1, was bred at the Burris Ranch in 2020. His horn projections are in the upper ozone. His style and type is dead on.

Price:  $9000

Stop Box 2020

DOB: 5/8/2020; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Rusty Tool; Color: R/W Pnl; This dark rich colored son of Drop Box is in the top 5% of the DCC herd for rate of gain. Check out his packed pedigree with Tempter, Top Caliber, Jamakizm and Tuff. He is solid as a fence around the White House and will serve more real value. He will not bark at the Amway lady when she delivers your deodorant.

Price:  $2600

Top Notch

DOB: 4/11/2018; Sire: Top Caliber; Dam: Grand Win; Color: Red; What about this fertility? Her second calf born on her 3rd birthday. Look at this pedigree full of famous sires? Heifer calf at side by Macanudo born 4-11-21.

Price:  $3700

Tux Free x Spokesman - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/5/2021; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Tux Free; Color: W/B spkld; This is the bull everyone picks as choice.

Price:  $3500

Twisted Uncle 260

DOB: 4/28/2020; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Gail's Last; Color: B/W; He is long as a Bill Cosby joke. He does not need a non paid political announcement. Bred to be excellent on gain. Offer not available from Amazon. Will not bark and claw on your bedroom door at 2 AM.

Price:  $2100

Vital Drag

DOB: 4/9/2015; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Dance Contest; Color: R/W; A smooth topped, complete, Drag Iron daughter with more dark roaning every season. It's all here. She has raised 4 big calves with 3 females remaining at DCC. Time Line heifer at side born 4-7-21. She is something to be very proud of in every way.

Price:  $9200

Point Dance x Hooray - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 6/10/2020; Sire: Hooray; Dam: Point Dance; Color: R/W Pnt; Look at that pretty Hooray face! Pinto color like an Apache Pony. Do a computer study on this pedigree. Her dam is an extraordinary cow -- extreme or more so. She represents herself as a heifer. She is for someone who wants a BIG cow.

Price:  $2200


DOB: 4/11/2020; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Bruised Reed; Color: R/W; Those who study pedigrees will love him. Do a study and you will agree. The two great value colors of TL cattle are black spotted and brindle spotted. He will provide extra value. This family does not shed horns in season.

Price:  $2400


DOB: 6/11/2020; Sire: Re Load; Dam: To Obsess; Color: Red; This smooth straight heifer is a rich seal brown. She represents her sire Reload, owned by Lloyd Esh. Just a humble-put-it-all together promise to come.

Price:  $2300

Rosey Fouetts x Pont Mark - Bull

DOB: 4/23/2020; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Rosey Fouett's; Color: Red; He's dark as a bad batch of Starbuck's Coffee, straight, trim and a trending pedigree. He will not raise your taxes. He will sire great calves. He will gain in size for years and always be profitable with proper feed. He won't scratch on your bed-room door wanting to go outside in the middle of the night.

Price:  $1700

Tuff Visage x Time Line

DOB: 4/17/2019; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Tuff Visage; Color: R/W pnl; One of the best horned exhibition steer prospects. More history than a small town government library. Notice the serpentine line down his back -- almost identical to the Zane's Trace Road. Never have to call the fire department to get him out of a tree.

Price:  $2200

Amish Rebel

DOB: 4/18/2020; Sire: Rebel HR; Dam: Tuff Visage; Color: R/W spkld; One of the best value colored young bulls. He is an AI Rebel son from the Kent and Sandy Harrell Ranch of Tulsa. Can you envision a pasture of 80 inch cows this color? Stage #1 halter trained. Will work 24 hour days for food. Will not protest and burn the pasture.

Price:  $2600

Time Piece

DOB: 5/19/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Clear Pearl; Color: R/W; He is from the strong Field Of Pearls maternal line combined with the Dragon Pearl on the top -- double bred. All 2020 DCC bulls stage #1 halter trained. He is right in the middle -- not a Rosie O'Donnell and not a skinny Joe Biden. A cunningly devised pedigree.

Price:  $2500

Rusty Noon x Iron Span - 2020 Heif.

DOB: 4/18/2020; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Rusty Noon; Color: W/R ears; Feast your eyes and smile. Her sire was an unpaid political spokesman. Great early horn growth. The Lone Ranger's horse wanted to be this color but his ears were too white. Her body is long as Saturday night TV commercials. Can not be ordered from Omaha Steaks.

Price:  $3400


DOB: 4/7/2017; Sire: Saddlehorn; Dam: Winning Smile; Color: B/W Pnl; Macanudo is one of many black base Saddlehorn sons produced at DCC. He is the first one to project superior horn to his sire. With careful evaluation Macanudo has the Fielder and Winchester conformation and the bold strong line bred Don Quixote black. His first calves are an Elon Musk style. So far, it appears, he has more culture and a barrel of yogurt.

Price:  NFS

Ace Mark

DOB: 4/7/2020; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: The Ace of Roses; Color: R/W; he has a facal mark no one will ever forget. This is trending stuff combining great growth genetics and horn like a gay San Francisco marching band. He is growing like a government budget. Halter trained stage #1.

Price:  $2600


DOB: 5/18/2020; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Tulo; Color: Red; One of the tallest Drop Box heifers. Like Kamala, she will do whatever it takes.

Price:  $1900

So Friendly x Iron Span - 2020 Bull

DOB: 5/16/2020; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: So Friendly; Color: R/W; Several have liked this colorful young son of Iron Span. Halter trained to stage #1. Even a paid legal spokesman would say good things about him. Look at the brindle specks sneaking through his thick Longhorn hide.

Price:  $2400