Fun And Games

BueLingo Reference_Sire - Fun And Games - Photo Number: v_4259.jpg
Reg.: B-6314
DOB: 4/12/2006
Color: B/W Weight: 1710

(on 6/10/2009)

Fun And Games His low 77 lb. birth weight and 628.57 lb 205 weight with no grain or creep feed is considered good sire material. His dam, a Papa True daughter, was in the top 3 performers at 205 & 365 days. He is thick, big and calves very easy. His 100% performance testing, long correctly belted pedigree, and rapid gain achieves the low birth and rapid consistent gain demanded at DCCI.
BueLingo Sire - Yard Of Fun - Photo Number: s_2015.jpg
Yard Of Fun
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BueLingo Dam - True Edition - Photo Number: s_0710.jpg
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