Sky Trails

Texas Longhorn Exhibition_Steer - Sky Trails - Photo Number: d_6638.jpg

DOB: 4/6/2012
Color: W/Blk Ears Weight: 1275

(on 5/24/2016)

Horns: 92.25

(on 11/13/2017)

Price: $7600
Sky Trails He is right on target to have serious horn. He will stop more traffic than the Lone Ranger's horse. Rope him, and tie him to your mail box and watch the mail box leave. On second thought, forget that. Horns T2T 89" T2T. Headed toward 100 inches. If you see him walking through the rose garden at night, it may look like the Klu Klux Klan has arrived. He likes to watch people, but is not smart mouthed.
Texas Longhorn Sire - Winning Sky - Photo Number: x_2020.jpg
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