Hit The Mark

 Bred_Cow - Hit The Mark - Photo Number: d_6372.jpg
Reg.: I-261329
DOB: 5/14/2012
Color: W/R Hd Weight: 1000

(on 6/14/2017)

Horns: 58.38

(on 11/28/2017)

Price: $3100
Sorry, already Sold    
Hit The Mark Look at her grand parents; Over Kill, Shadow Jubilee, Drag Iron, Markster. That is a sweet bowl of flowers. Time sensative genetics, buy quick. Johne's text neg. Her horns will soon roll out and twist lateral -- lovely - both of them. These are the genetics cave men carved pictures on rock walls to immortalize. Preg checked pos to Jet Black (80.5" T2T)
 Sire - Jubal Jangler - Photo Number: z_2505.jpg
Jubal Jangler
Over Kill Over Head Headliner FF248
Field of Pearls Fielder
Shadow Jubilee The Shadow Senator
Good Friday
Kentucky Blue(GMR) GMR Blue 40
Miss RM Beauty 581/6
 Dam - Teu Precious Teu Mark - Photo Number: y_4565.jpg
Teu Precious Teu Mark
Drag Iron Jamakizm Shadowizm
Shining Victory Victory Lap
Shining Through
Markster Winchester Gizmo
Sadie Sam
Marquee Shadowizm
Amazing Shot

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