Flair Galore

Texas Longhorn Reference_Sire - Flair Galore - Photo Number: e_2424.jpg
Reg.: I-272971
DOB: 6/5/2015
Color: W/B Spk Weight: 1535

(on 11/7/2017)

Horns: 84.13

(on 9/29/2018)

Price: NFS
Flair Galore Every 5 years the good Lord blesses our family with a great bull. We think this may be the 5 year answer to prayer. He is so breath taking, it almost demands polite gentlemen remove their Stetsons and savor a moment of silence upon first sight. This Jamakizm X Clear Win banding has worked every direction the hand has been played. Watch him. This is a 3 year old who measures 82 5/8" T2T. Above the horn value is the prettiest speckled color there ever was. He is not only a total, but sn extreme genetic bundle. DCC mating strategy is a shotgun blast of every different DCC cow family to develop his future siring data.
Texas Longhorn Sire - Lots of Flair - Photo Number: b_4221.jpg
Lots of Flair
Jamakizm Shadowizm The Shadow
Jamoka Circle K Donovan
Miss Widespread
Shot Of Victory Victory Lap Winchester
Headshot Headliner FF248
Amazing Shot
Texas Longhorn Dam - Winning Strike - Photo Number: d_7789.jpg
Winning Strike
Clear Win Win Win Winchester
My My My
Bowl of Roses Super Bowl
Field Of Roses
Jamaju Jamakizm Shadowizm
JuJu Jet Jockey

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