Jam Forever

Texas Longhorn Bull-2016 - Jam Forever - Photo Number: d_8449.jpg

DOB: 4/17/2016
Color: Red Weight: 1175

(on 11/2/2017)

Horns: 47.0

(on 11/2/2017)

Price: $6000
Jam Forever The tallest Jamakizm son raised at DCC. His weight as a yearling is more than most adult bulls. He is for a herd that is serious about height, growth/gain. He loves people. His famous dam has weaned 7 calves that have an average 205 of 523.67 lbs. Possibly the best gain ever in the TL industry. He is tougher than woodpecker lips.
Texas Longhorn Sire - Jamakizm - Photo Number: T_6267.jpg
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