Texas Longhorn Bull-2017 - Winden - Photo Number: e_7045.jpg

DOB: 4/21/2017
Color: R/W pnl Weight: 746

(on 6/29/2018)

Horns: 39.25

(on 8/22/2018)

Price: $1900
Winden This may be the youngest Winchester son to become a herd sire. All kinds of known greatness here. Price reduced due to abundant new inventory. Think of the color and thickness here.
Texas Longhorn Sire - Winchester - Photo Number: P_3160.jpg
Gizmo Zhivago King
Safari B 496
Blazon Jet Jockey
Rose Blade
Sadie Sam Not Gunna Gunner
Not Dot
Samsara Senator
Gypsy King
Texas Longhorn Dam - Zayden - Photo Number: c_6480.jpg
Annex Drag Iron Jamakizm
Shining Victory
Jester Winchester
Jizelle Super Duty Super Bowl
Jigsaw Senator
Mi Tierra 63

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