Pin Pretty

 Heifer_2017 - Pin Pretty - Photo Number: d_8247.jpg

DOB: 5/2/2017
Color: B/W Weight: 756

(on 5/25/2018)

Price: $1400
Sorry, already Sold    
Pin Pretty Very wide nice belt. One white foot.
 Sire - Pin Drop - Photo Number: b_6895.jpg
Pin Drop
Dip Echo Dip Stick Cycle Progress
True Echo Papa True
Fun'N Kicks Fun And Games Yard Of Fun
True Edition
Kick My Stick Dip Stick
Kick My Cycle
Verbal Fin Verbal Slugger One More Dip Dip Stick
One More Yard
Val-Kin Valiant Fun
Mankin Value
Extra Fin Extra Value Value Line
Circular Sue
Ulti Fin Burnt Fin
Ulti Oriska

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