Jizelle x Non Stop - 2017 Heifer

 Heifer_2017 - Jizelle x Non Stop - 2017 Heifer - Photo Number: d_8318.jpg

DOB: 6/14/2017
Color: R/W Pnl Weight: 284

(on 11/22/2017)

Price: $2100
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Jizelle x Non Stop - 2017 Heifer Almost the same spot pattern as her sire. The Non Stop progeny are winning futurities and shows all over. They are correct. We did not come this far only to come this far.
 Sire - Non Stop - Photo Number: d_3210.jpg
Non Stop
Over Kill Over Head Headliner FF248
Field of Pearls Fielder
Obvious Top Top Caliber Hunts Command Respect
Obviously Fultz Fultz Field
Ain't I Obvious
 Dam - Jizelle - Photo Number: v_2930.jpg
Super Duty Super Bowl Superman
Bouncer Blend
Dancer Jet Set
Feather Dancer
Jigsaw Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Mi Tierra 63 King
Classics Bonita

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