Fickle Stop

 Heifer_2018 - Fickle Stop - Photo Number: f_11452.jpg

DOB: 7/19/2018
Color: W/r Hd, spk
Weight: 526

(on 11/12/2019)

Horns: 33.5

(on 11/12/2019)

Price: 1500
Sorry, already Sold    

Fickle Stop She has generation integrity by the buckets full, but time will be the value proof. Unbelievable! Notice the spot pattern almost exactly the pattern of Bandar Seri Islands off the coast of Brunei. Service sire: Reload

 Sire - Non Stop - Photo Number: d_3210.jpg
Non Stop
Over Kill Over Head
Headliner FF248
Field of Pearls
Obvious Top Top Caliber
Hunts Command Respect
Obviously Fultz
Fultz Field
Ain't I Obvious
Fickle Tempt Tempter Temptations The Ace
The Ace
Lamb's Temptation
Field of Pearls
Fickle Win Win Win
My My My
Fickle Miss
The Shadow
Queen Of Not

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