Production Tools for Cattle Management

After going through this Website, you may have questions: How to work your cattle? How to mate the different pedigrees for best results or what type of cattle chute to purchase? If you are unable to break away from work to visit DCC , you may like to view the numerous VHS tapes. Whatever your interest, we try to assist you in becoming more comfortable working your cattle.

BRY Chute BRY ChuteThe BRY Longhorn Chute:Rugged, heavy duty 1.9" OD, 12 gauge tubing, perfect for AI, palpation, vaccinations and livestock confinement. It is designed to attach to a sturdy existing corral, or two heavy duty posts, 8" off the ground. The BRY Longhorn Chute attaches to a permanent structure with 6 bolts. Tail ropes may be spaced over a dozen different places to fit the exact length for every critter. Cattle can be released from either side. Two side panels can be opened for branding. Vaccinations are easy with tight confinement. Tail ropes can adjust to all size stock, from a 250 pound calf, to a full size cow or bull. Notice the three adjustments in front. Full size bull, the front panel is 8 foot and the back panel is 9 foot. The widest horned cattle can be measured accurately. Horizontal parallels make humane handling of large horned or poled cattle. The BRY Chute dismantles in minutes and may be transported in a pickup or small trailer. Shipping size is 9 feet by 5 feet by 8 inches and weighs under 500 pounds. This is a livestock confining tool that is only limited by the owners needs, skills and ideas. Please be careful handling livestock, safety for people and livestock is imperative. See demo at

Gallagher Weighing System:Regular weighing of livestock is vital to increased productivity and cattle profitability. Well-informed management decisions come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate. Gallagher livestock weighing system products are quality engineered to offer you simplicity, toughness, reliability and innovation. The Gallagher range of superior animal weighing products allows you to:

  • Measure feed conversion by monitoring weight gain over time to maximize yield
  • Monitor animal health
  • Confirm animal weights prior to breeding season
  • Determine weaning weights
  • Select animals by weight for sale
  • Evaluate performance for genetic selection
  • EID compatible weigh scales now enable individual animal weight management for improved animal performance

Herd Planner: is a complete booklet with 25 pages of narrative charts & graphs. The colored pages explain the following white pages on the topics from genetic plans for a successful herd's production, a genetic gold mine chain, an annual plan for herd health, fencing diagram, 205 & 365 day adjusted weight calculations gestation chart, sample land lease agreement with "how to tips" other proven helpful hints when producing superior cattle. $15 (ppd)

Historic Lineage Chart:revised 1-1-2006. Texas Longhorn Dominate Sire Lineage Chart.
For 38 years, one bull has so dominantly stamped the Texas Longhorn industry that every World and International All Age Champion Bull has carried his prepotent blood. With only a few exceptions, his lineage has set more sale records, created more semen sales and created more real profit than any other bull in Texas Longhorn history.
The Dominate Sire Lineage shows where the great values started, the delicate thread that held it together and how each producer can successfully plan forward using the lessons history has proven from the past.
The lineage documents the greatest Dominant sire line. It includes the 31 sons, 25 grand sons, 19 great grand sons, 50 great, great grandsons, 52 great, great, great grandsons, and 32 of their sons, a total of 210 sires in pedigree schematic order.
Every student, investor, and appreciator of Texas Longhorn history will, at first glance, give the 210 sires a "tip-of-the-old-Stetson" for getting it all together.
Framing Texas Longhorn Dominate Sire Lineage Chart size 11" x 17" printed on rich gold parchment paper are available from DCC one for $8.00, two for $12.00, and five for $30 ( PPD).

Order from:
DCC Lineage Chart
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Photographing Horses And Other Livestock: is the only book ever written on the subject & is published by Northland Press. Darol Dickinson, the author, makes this available from the 5th printing in paperback or hardback first edition. This is the most important part of advertising, sales & historical documentation of your Texas Longhorn cattle. Paperback $39.00 autographed.

Postcards: Full color chromelan will provide colorful correspondence with friends, longhorn cattle buyers & business associates to spread the word about Texas Longhorns. We have many postcards to choose from --Senator, The Shadow, Super Bowl, Winchester, Zigfield, Fielder, Tabasco, Shadowizm, Jet Set, Coal Smoke, Gibraltar, Not Gunna, and Unlimited. Plus we have one Buelingo post card and one Watusi postcard - "Mr. Immambo". Orders of 100 - 3 ½" X 5 ½" and/or 4" x 6" postcards send $10. Orders of 500 or more - $9/100(ppd) Quotes for your own post cards of your own cattle available.

Semen Cryogenic Storage Tank: DCC is an authorized dealer for International Cyrogenic and MVE cryogenic storage tanks of various sizes. Call Linda for ordering info. Click here for more info.

Video Tapes - We have a selection of older videos. Some are available in VHS, and some in DVD. Please call if you are interested.