Powder River Longhorn Chutes

Note: We highly endorse Power River Longhorn Chutes, but are they are no longhorn manufactured and we are not a dealer for this product.
We recomend Bry Chutes: brychute.com

POWDER RIVER TEXAS LONGHORN SQUEEZE CHUTES: One very safe Texas Longhorn squeeze chute has been developed, it is the Powder River. The sides of the chute are designed to have horizontal supports rather than vertical. The vertical supports on conventional cattle chutes make it difficult & nearly impossible for wide horned cattle to flow down the alley or through the squeeze chute. The horizontal pipe works wonderfully. This is a system that the Powder River people developed over twenty ago. You see these systems all over the country at professional Longhorn facilities. It works superbly for branding, working, giving shots, horn measurements and work on adult Texas Longhorns. The biggest bull you have, can fit into this chute. The head gate opens very wide for the widest set of horns. There is a transfer system whereby the gate can open from either side of the chute, for individual preference. There is a drop off handle on the bottom for working on cattle's feet. We use our own Powder River chute for all of our calf branding & artificial insemination. In the opinion of the folks here at DCCI we feel this is the very top squeeze chute system for safe & humane handling of Longhorn cattle. The Powder River Longhorn chute weighs 1339 lbs. is 116" wide 96" long & 89" high. On Sept. 1, 2008 the complete chute is $6298. Steel prices and costs change daily. Give us a call for current price and shipping & order your new chute. It will take about 4 weeks for delivery. If you have never used a Powder River chute on big horned cattle, there is a rich surprise ahead. This system is very safe & well thought out. Give us a call.

Very Important Note: Buyer is responsible for unloading the chute from the delivery truck.

Sadly the Powder River Classic Longhorn Chute is no longer manufactured. There are some used ones around if you look really hard. Please check out the BRY Chute (patent pending) designed by DCCI for economy, safety and long lasting, portable use.  Recommended for large and no horned cattle. 

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