Canadian Semen Bulls

Frozen semen from four prominent Texas Longhorn herd sires is available in Canada. Orders may be placed by phone and paid by credit card. All semen will be shipped from Alta Genetics, LTD. The bulls currently available include:

Senator - a son of Overwhelmer, out of a daughter of Classic. He is well respected in the United States as a sire of strong muscle, excellent hip and outstanding horn growth. He has been a major semen market in the USA. Many of his calves are a very dark red or chocolate coloration. His sons have been known to have horns up to 102" tip to tip. His progeny have birth weights averaging 62 lbs with mature daughters averaging 1200 and sons often over a ton.

Zhivago - is believed to be the heaviest boned, thickest Texas Longhorn bull in the USA. His horns measure 64" tip to tip. At one time his weight was over 2,200 pounds. He is a son of the well known sire King, out of a daughter of Don Quintana. Zhivago sires very laid-back, quiet and heavy bodied calves often used for riding steers. To add thickness and size to Texas Longhorn genetics, Zhivago and Senator are the very best in North America.

Tabasco - is a Butler bull who sires great horn and color. His grand sires, Classic and Monarch are legendary foundation sires of horn. His sire is regarded as the best son of Classic and his dam Delta Diamond is easily the superior Monarch daughter. His 65" horn and proven sire value make him a very serious semen sire in Canada.

Not Gunna -  is a very correct blend pedigree sire. His straight back, trim bottom line and over all frame perfection make him a corrective sire. Serious producers on several continents use Not Gunna to correct low backs, loose skin, small horn, and numerous conformation faults. His 61" horn allows him the strength to sire several over 60" progeny. His near ton weight is also a plus. Not Gunna is by Gunner by Texas Star. His dam is Superior Symbol by Superior and out of Ranger's Measles. Not Gunna's dam is Not Dot by World Champion Jet Jockey.

Contact Alta Genetics, Ltd. for semen orders shipped anywhere in Canada.
Phone 403-226 0666 to place orders.

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