Cattle Sold to HTxNE

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Clear Friend DOB: 4/4/2012 Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Tempted Friend; Color: R/W; She is a rare Temptations The Ace blend with horn champion Clear Win (87.25"). Look at that perfect profile! She is long as a wild horse rope and she owns the pasture. No more new Temptations The Ace genetics coming down the pike. Test neg Johne's. Preg check pos Hooray (84.25" T2T see reference sires) Friendly collusion with Hooray is a good thing.

Hit The Mark DOB: 5/14/2012 Sire: Jubal Jangler; Dam: Teu Precious Teu Mark; Color: W/R Hd; Look at her grand parents; Over Kill, Shadow Jubilee, Drag Iron, Markster. That is a sweet bowl of flowers. Time sensative genetics, buy quick. Johne's text neg. Her horns will soon roll out and twist lateral -- lovely - both of them. These are the genetics cave men carved pictures on rock walls to immortalize. Preg checked pos to Jet Black (80.5" T2T)

Over Ju DOB: 6/27/2013 Sire: Over Kill; Dam: Fast Jube; Color: Grul/W; Service Sire:Rodeo Max (86.5"); Over Ju is an own daughter of Over Kill (80+) with Super Bowl and Shadow Jubilee to give power to the maternal genetics. One horn tip has been zipulated. She has raised 3 fat calves in 3 years starting at age 2. The pretty Over Kill style is here. She is young and fertile as a Congressional intern. Preg check pos Rodeo Max (86.5"), then later clean up Hooray (84")