Cattle Sold to LExPA

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Boom Ho x Drag Iron DOB: 5/17/2016 Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Boom Ho; Color: R/W spk; This Drag Iron bull may be time sensitive. He won't last. Look how long and tall. His speculation will multiply. Spots grow on him while he sleeps.

Bowl Of Temptation DOB: 5/15/2011 Sire: Tempter; Dam: Bowl Of Roses; Color: R/W Unln; This big Tempter daughter weighted 1105 lbs. She has calved 4 times in 4 years. She is dam of the beautiful Chalk Line. Her dam produced the World Champion Clear Win. Lots of Flair heifer born 6-6-16. Test neg to Johne's. To help fall in love with this cow check out Tempter progeny world wide.

Choice Hitter DOB: 4/10/2001 Sire: Heavy Hitter; Dam: Senator's Choice; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Jet Black Chex (see reference sires); She is the dam of 13 calves. Top weight 1390 lbs. Her sire, Heavy Hitter, raised by Glendenning Farms, was the widest horned bull in the nation for 11 years. Jet Black Chex heifer born 3-30-16. Johne's test neg. Her dam, Senator's Choice, shown by John Oliver was TLBAA World Champion Halter at age 16. (Cow was age 16, not John) Ask John Oliver about this family of superior genetics. Don't just take our word for it. Service sire: Clear Point (88.5 inches T2T)

Dancer DOB: 4/13/2000 Sire: Jet Set; Dam: Feather Dancer; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Clear Point (89-1/8"); She is a great producer and embryo donor for DCC. It is time she goes to a warmer winter home. She is dam of Super Duty, Dance Contest, Ursla Allen's Jack Pot (80"+) $12,000, Top Dance, Drag Dance, and Dirty Dancer. But that's not all! She is dam of 18 outstanding calves. She is a daughter of the great son of Bail Jumper, Jet Set. Preg check pos to Clear Point (89" T2T) Johne's test neg.

Matchless DOB: 4/11/2012 Sire: Juma; Dam: Winnipeg; Color: W/R Sp Fc; She is one of many speckled faced Juma daughters. Her dam is the huge Winnepeg, a daughter of Win Win. Three calves in 3 years. In case of a hostile take over of Dickinson Cattle Co, they will take this cow first. Bull calf at side by Jet Black Chex born 4-12-16 not included. Cow available Oct 1. Service sire: Jet Black Chex.

Matchless x Jet Black Chex DOB: 4/12/2016 Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Matchless; Color: R/W; This Jet Black Chex brindling son is one of the most correct at DCC. It is not easy to judge a young calf and determine his mature qualities, but this calf has every good thing desired right now.

Toss'N Tempt DOB: 5/12/2011 Sire: Tempter; Dam: Toss The Jam; Color: R/W panel; She is the first daughter of the famous Toss the Jam offered for sale. This is a sky-is-the-limit pair. Close visual evaluation of both the pedigree and critters themselves make the price a bargain. Non Stop heifer born 5-24-18. Johne's test neg.

Wild Rose DOB: 7/4/2003 Color: R/W; This pretty cow is an own daughter of famous Gun Smoke who sired the 91 inch R.M. Miss Kitty. She is a good milking producer and makes a snappy appearance in any pasture. Johne's test neg. Millennium Faturity qualified. Calved late and preg checked open, calf not included. Service sire Clear Point 88.5 inches.

Win Glass DOB: 4/21/2004 Sire: Winchester; Dam: Rose Colored Glasses; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Drag Iron; Win Glass is the dam of consistent flamboyant colored calves that have sold for lots of $$$. She is dam of Streaked Glass, Dragon Glass, Stained Glass, herd sire Respected Win, herd sire Tuff'n Up, Dragon Shard, and Dragon Glaze. Her color changes every season. AI bred to Drag Iron, the golden cross with her, then natural to Clear Point (91")