Cattle Sold to MGxAR

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Game Hitter DOB: 4/6/2017 Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Gamer; Color: R/W; Great data and a correct belt, polled, and low birth weight + 622 lbs at 205.

Iron Queen x Jet Black Chex - Heif. DOB: 6/28/2016 Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Iron Queen; Color: R/W pnl; She is young, tender, and needs a home with abundant grass. She likes new growth birdsfoot treefoil with Timothy grass toppings. Her full sibs will be in Israel and Australia by the magic of embryo transfer.

Play The Jam DOB: 3/21/2008 Sire: Jamakizm; Dam: Play The Field; Color: Brn/W; At DCC seldom are Jamakizm daughters offered for sale. She is vintage Jamakizm, gives enough milk to make 2 calves happy and the awesome dark brindle color. She has raised 6 fat calves plus has one at side. She is dam of High Caliber, Clear Play, Rio Jam, etc... Clear Win heifer at side on her way to brindle, born 5-7-2016. Weight: 1315 lbs.

Precious Point DOB: 4/2/2017 Sire: Clear Point; Dam: Precious Friend; Color: R/W Pnl; Service Sire:Spokesman; This is one of the few of the "Precious" family to leave DCC. Coyotes removed her tail tip. Her sire is the great one. As Gary Lake would say, "She was a $6000 heifer but price is reduced due to the shortened tail." Service sire: Spokesman (see reference sires)

Pro Dip DOB: 5/11/2009 Sire: Dip Stick; Dam: Progreso; Color: B/W; This big Dip Stick daughter has had 7 calves in 7 years. She weighs 1270 lbs. Pretty heifer red belted born 4-28-17 at side by Pin Drop. Test neg Johne's. She is in collusion with the bull now with plans for next year. Service sire: Slug Fest

Pro Dip x Pin Drop - 2017 Heifer DOB: 4/28/2017 Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Pro Dip; Color: R/W; One of the prettiest of the year. One to keep a herd sire out of.

Round Over DOB: 3/16/2013 Sire: Juma; Dam: Over Squared; Color: R/W Spk; She is one of the most speckled Juma daughter at DCC. Her package with this Clear Point heifer should blow the lid off. Heifer at side born 5-1-12 by Clear Point (89.9 T2T) Johne's test neg. Service Sire: Reckon So (dressed in pinto brindle attire)

Trophy Girl x Tibbs - 2016 Heifer DOB: 7/10/2016 Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Trophy Girl; Color: W/R Sptd; She is young. She is starting to speck-U-late all over. She is a double Juma. She tried to rig the DNC but none of the other calves voted. Tempters Trophy, her grand dam was All Age Grand Champion ORVTLA Female in 2013.

Under Handed x Reckon So DOB: 5/11/2017 Sire: Reckon So; Dam: Under Handed; Color: R/W; His brindle is starting to speck-U-late all over. He combines Top Calber, Cowboy Tuff Chex, Clear Win, Drag Iron, and Jamakizm - What a package! He is young - optimistic - ready to grow.