Cattle Sold to RRxTX

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Iyana DOB: 4/2/2012 Sire: Pretoria; Dam: Zee Mambo; Color: W/Bk spk; Service Sire:Titan (See reference sires); The prettiest speckled cow in the Watusi herd. One horn tip bliperized. Comes with special Polish eye brows. Calf not included - sold seperate Cow available at weaning after Sept 15.

Zee Mambo DOB: 5/25/2002 Sire: Mr. Immambo; Dam: Zeway; Color: Bk/W; Service Sire:Titan (See reference sires); She is the dam of our future herd sire so she would be embarrassed to go there. 1190 lbs. Twelve calves in 12 years starting at age 2. She sells without her Titan calf at side. She is a gentle sweet cow.