Cattle Sold to lhxOH

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Boom Ho x Cleat - Ex. Steer DOB: 4/25/2014 Sire: Cleat; Dam: Boom Ho; Color: R/W spk; This is a steer to be very proud of. For those who have surgical investigation skills trained in pedigrees, you will notice great horn sires Clear Win, Jamakizm, Boomerang, and Over Kill. Data 5/25/17 is 61.5 inches T2T.

Esmerelda x Clear Win - Ex. Steer DOB: 4/16/2015 Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Esmerelda; Color: R/W pnl; He is a Clear Win steer so great horn is eminent. Don't lose sleep... he will grown horn while he sleeps.

Fun At Saturn DOB: 4/23/2008 Sire: Fun And Games; Dam: Saturn Cycle; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Progress Wrap; She is a honk'en 1422 lbs, has raised 8 red belted calves in 8 years starting at age 2. Service sire: Progress Wrap. It is good to have her daughters in the DCC herd. Neg test Johne's.

Jambee x Non Stop - 2017 Bull DOB: 5/5/2017 Sire: Non Stop; Dam: Jambee; Color: R/W; This is a middle of the road all purpose bull. he could show, go the horn route, or gain for beef success. Give him some love.

Limited Annex DOB: 5/20/2014 Sire: Annex; Dam: Limited Caliber; Color: W/R spk; He will liven up the color in your steer pasture. Colored like the face of a country kid sitting in a mulberry tree. You will not have another with this Annex speculation and horn opportunity. He sleeps a lot, but wakes up enough to eat. Data on 5/25/17 60 inches.

Ring Of Fun DOB: 5/3/2007 Sire: Yard Of Fun; Dam: Ring Of Cross; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Pin Drop (By Dip Echo); Weight 1220 lbs. She is a big frame cow with complete belt and a right side target. Service sire: Pin Drop She is dam of Dip Zone, considered one of the best conformation Buelingo cows at DCC.

Ring Of Fun x Echo Sent - 2016 Bull DOB: 4/10/2016 Sire: Echo Sent; Dam: Ring Of Fun; Color: B/W; He is everything wanted in a bull. Small birth weight and large weaning. He has no Holstein blood.

Rodeo Wiz DOB: 5/17/2014 Sire: Rodeo Max; Dam: Wizard Struck; Color: W/R Hd; This heifer does everything right, is gentle, but enjoys going through fences to acquire multiple grass favorit flavors. She is extremely agile and athletic. Needs a home that doesn't give a flip, or has deer fences. Service sire: Time Line (see reference sires)

Skedaddle Iron x Jet Black Chex DOB: 4/19/2017 Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Skedaddle Iron; Color: Black; This little black son-of-a-gun combines Jet Black's huge black horn blood with the consistency of Drag Iron and Juma. It is certain that his mature appearance will be striking in the daylight, but hard to find him at night. His dam is a full sister to Drag Net.

Slug Pro DOB: 6/10/2016 Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Pro Dip; Color: B/W; This perfectly belted Buelingo is a low 74 lb birth weight with a nice big 569 lb 205 day weight. That is good data. Buy him before the USA is bombed by Mexico.

Snack Box DOB: 3/27/2010 Sire: Juma; Dam: Winning Doll; Color: W/R Spks; Snack Box is gentle, tall, and a traffic stopping decor steer. His pedigree combines Jamakizm and Win Win. His dam is a half sister to Clear Win. He will stop more traffic than Bonny and Clyde leaving the home-town bank. Horns 77 1/8 inches on 5/25/17. He has a $4000 head mount and $2500 in grind, so this steer is priced free.

Superior Suspect x Reckon So DOB: 7/2/2017 Sire: Reckon So; Dam: Superior Suspect; Color: R/W; There is a barrel of good reasons this little bull could be special. He will shed off dark, dark seal brown to match his tail tip color. Look at the leg - he will be tall.