Jambee x Non Stop - 2017 Bull

 Bull_2017 - Jambee x Non Stop - 2017 Bull - Photo Number: d_5249.jpg

DOB: 5/5/2017
Color: R/W Weight: 592

(on 11/8/2018)

Horns: 45.25

(on 11/8/2018)

Price: $1800
Sorry, already Sold    
Jambee x Non Stop - 2017 Bull This is a middle of the road all purpose bull. he could show, go the horn route, or gain for beef success. Give him some love.
 Sire - Non Stop - Photo Number: d_3210.jpg
Non Stop
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Field of Pearls Fielder
Obvious Top Top Caliber Hunts Command Respect
Obviously Fultz Fultz Field
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