Under Handed x Reckon So

 Bull_2017 - Under Handed x Reckon So - Photo Number: d_5412.jpg

DOB: 5/11/2017
Color: R/W Weight: 421

(on 11/1/2017)

Price: $2500
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Under Handed x Reckon So His brindle is starting to speck-U-late all over. He combines Top Calber, Cowboy Tuff Chex, Clear Win, Drag Iron, and Jamakizm - What a package! He is young - optimistic - ready to grow.
 Sire - Reckon So - Photo Number: e_7198.jpg
Reckon So
Cowboy Tuff Chex Cowboy Chex Peacemaker 44
BL Poco Bueno
BL Rio Catchit JP Rio Grande
BL Catchit
Dragon Pearl Drag Iron Jamakizm
Shining Victory
Field of Pearls Fielder
 Dam - Under Handed - Photo Number: e_7614.jpg
Under Handed
Top Hand Top Caliber Hunts Command Respect
Pajama Party Jamakizm
Victory Party
Unclear Clear Win Win Win
Bowl of Roses
Unsuspected Unlimited