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DOB: 4/12/2009; Sire: Valiant Fun; Dam: Graphic Pie; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Progress Wrap; She is long, straight topped as a pool table, and weighs a cool 1470 lbs. Two of her daughters are in the DCC permanent herd.

Dingus Dipper


DOB: 4/7/2009; Sire: Dip Stick; Dam: Full Circle; Color: R/W; She is a young daughter of Dip Stick. She had a light 63 lb birth weight and is a consistent producer. Every ancestor correctly belted for at least 3 generations. Johne's test negative. Service sire: Progress Wrap. Her belt slipped back about 4" during the summer, but Progress Wrap said he didn't do it.

Dip Valarta


DOB: 3/31/2008; Sire: Dip Stick; Dam: Smok'n Vallarta; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Slug Fest; She is a very correct Dip Stick cow who faithfully produces huge calves. Test neg Johne's. Preg check pos to Slug Fest (see reference sires) Not available in any stores.



DOB: 3/26/2008; Sire: Dip Stick; Dam: Progresso; Color: B/W; Dip'O, an own daughter of Dip Stick, one of the top sires of all times at DCC. Raised 8 calves in 8 years. She likes people and birds foot tree foil is her favorite food. 100% correctly belted calves. Test neg Johne's. Service sire: Progress Wrap (see reference sires)

Echo Free


DOB: 5/20/2010; Sire: Dip Echo; Dam: Graphic Pie; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Slug Fest; She is by the big Dip Echo bull and weighs 1445. Five calves in 5 years. Her calves have a lot of hip due to the 1/8 Piedmontese blood.

Kicking Game


DOB: 3/20/2010; Sire: Fun And Games; Dam: Kick My Cycle; Color: R/W; She has had 5 calves in 5 years. Weighs 1390 lbs. Never misses calving on time. Dam of herd sire Pin's Last. She raises huge calves. Size matters. She is an easy keeper. Lots of bone and substance. Test neg Johne's. Service sire: Progress Wrap

Valiant Varoom


DOB: 4/21/2009; Sire: Valiant Fun; Dam: Value Plus; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Progress Wrap; This 1275 lb correctly belted Buelingo does all the right things right on time. Dam of 5 correct belted calves in a row Johne's test neg.

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