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DOB: 7/11/2004; Sire: Shadow Savvy; Dam: Annie; Color: Bk/W; Service Sire:Clear Point (91" T2T); Aurora is jam packed with thick, heavy milking, big framed genetics. She is a great one to add excellent size to a herd and in a black base package. She has a huge udder and gives abundant milk. Mother of 10 calves in the last 10 years. Weight 1280 lbs. Preg checked pos to Clear Point (91" T2T) Tested neg Johne's. She is not a cob roller.

Dragy Draft


DOB: 5/6/2010; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Not Drafty; Color: W/R hd; She has raised 6 fat calves in 6 years and weighs 1215 lbs without any government subsidies, enabling, grants, stipends, pampering, or coddling. Drag Iron daughters are good investments. Dragy Draft has proven her worth. Preg pos to Rodeo Max (86") She works fast and she don't stink! Johne's test neg.

Giz You A Win


DOB: 4/3/2012; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Giz Over; Color: W/Bk; Service Sire:Rodeo Max (11 x Bronze Horn Champion); She is one of the rare few black and white Clear Win daughters. The Over Kill does the black thing for her. She is bred as high as a spotted owl nest in the red wood forest with little more to be desired. She turns the crank the right direction. Johne's test neg. Preg check pos to Rodeo Max or Hooray.

High Top


DOB: 4/4/2011; Sire: Top Caliber; Dam: High Tide; Color: R/W; Her sire Top Caliber is the second most consistent sire of over 80" sons. This will always be the top of the Doug Hunt famous genetics. She has birthed 5 calves in 5 years. Buy her before Joe Biden hacks her. Test neg to Johnes. Preg checked pos to Jet Black

Hung Trial


DOB: 6/29/2011; Sire: Trial Run; Dam: Tempt de Loof; Color: W/B ears; Service Sire:Sweet Brindle Dust; She will help you find the herd at midnight. A granddaughter of 91" T2T Shadow Jubilee and right on the same growth chart. Smooth-sweet-thick. Hotter than Navajo fry grease. This offer is not available in any store. AI to Sweet Brindle Dust on 7-12-17, then natural to Hooray (84" T2T) Johne's test neg. Preg check pos.



DOB: 4/2/2007; Sire: Super Duty; Dam: Jigsaw; Color: Red; Service Sire:Non Stop; Jizelle is one of the best daughters of Ronny Mullinax's bull, Super Duty. Top weight 1320 lbs. She is dam of 9 calves in 9 years including herd sires Helter Skelter, Go Pro and Mark Flinchum's pretty cow Jamelle. She is a grand daughter of Senator and has the thickness to prove it. Preg checked pos to Non Stop. Test neg Johne's.

Lots of Time


DOB: 5/3/2015; Sire: Lots Of Flair; Dam: Tool Time; Color: R/W spkld; Service Sire:Reckon So; Notice the planned banding of 4 great sires, Jamakizm, Victory Lap, Top Caliber and Drag Iron. Pretty serious stuff and she has more spots than side-walk chewing gum in front of a Mexican food restaurant. Her horn-roll is started. Preg checked pos Reckon So. Test neg Johnes.

Lyndsey's Abby Road


DOB: 10/29/2003; Sire: Abilene; Dam: Lyndsey Wagner; Color: R/W; This nice conformation cow is a careful blend of Tri-W, WR Trails, Hoffman, and Beau Butler genetics. Test neg Johne's. Perfect udder, gentle. Millennium Futurity qualified. This is a very serviceable cow that gets it done in the pasture. Preg pos to Tuxedo (see reference sires)



DOB: 4/9/2006; Sire: Winchester; Dam: Marquee; Color: W/R; Service Sire:Clear Point (91" T2T); Markster is a grand producer having raised 10 calves in 10 years starting at age 2. She is a classic Winchester type. Weight 1125 lbs. Dam of famous Jamster (over 80), Iron Mark, Fire Mark, Stacked Deck, Quo Vadis, and Teu Precious Teu Mark. Her dam is half sister to Jamakizm. Preg check pos Clear Point (91" T2T), Test neg Johne's. She is a one-owner cow who has absolutely earned her space.

Naughty Pine


DOB: 5/29/2005; Sire: Winchester; Dam: Dance With Joy; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Rodeo Max (See Reference Sires); Naughty Pine is one of the big, good Winchester daughters that has done us so much good. Top weight 1260 lbs. Dam of 10 calves in 10 years. Dam of Jimmy Jones' Drag iron daughter, "Iron Ware" ($22,000), Fast Pine, Naughty Pelosi, Naughty Trial, Navajo, Rodeo Entry and Pointed Pine. She is a pleasant trusted factory. She is a one owner cow, so far. Preg checked Pos to Rodeo Max or Hooray. Tested neg Johne's.



DOB: 5/7/2012; Sire: Black Strap; Dam: Auburn; Color: Red; Service Sire:Tibbs -sire of Tibina, 2017 International Champion; She is a rare seal brown brindle almost identical to her grand sire Jamakizm. She is striking in the pasture. Weighs 1310 - lots of cow. 100% of the Black Strap daughters weigh over 1200 lbs at DCC. Preg check pos to Tibbs. Test neg Johne's.

Over Fickled


DOB: 6/9/2011; Sire: Over Kill; Dam: Fickle Miss; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Jet Black Chex; Raised 5 calves in 5 years. Her dam Fickle Miss was a donor cow with calves now in several countries. She is straight and Over Kill correct. Advice: Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Johne's test neg. Preg checked pos to Jet Black.

Play The Raffle


DOB: 5/19/2003; Sire: Raffles; Dam: Play The Field; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Top Caliber; Play The Raffles has never been offered for sale before. She has been right in the middle of the main genetic base at DCC. She weighs 1265 lbs and over 70" T2T. She is a half sister to the dam of Winchester. She is dam of Look Out, Tempting Play, Raffle Drawn, Clear Plan and Tibb Play. AI to Top Caliber 7-1-17, then natural to Flair Galore, Horn Showcase champion. Johne's test neg. Preg check pos.

Plumb Smoky


DOB: 5/3/2013; Sire: Plumb Line; Dam: Smoke Screen; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Jet Lag; What a jump-out-and-grab-you cow. Front pasture this is her. She packages Gunsmoke, Over Kill, and Tempter. Is that a face to love or not? If you are tired of red, white and blaaaa, this is the change you have dreamed of. Service sire: Jet Lag bred 1-1-18. Preg checked pos for fall 2018 calf.

Rodeo Friend


DOB: 5/24/2015; Sire: Rodeo Max; Dam: Clear Friend; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Jet Black Chex; Check her pedigree and be impressed. She will give up the good stuff fast and often like a slot machine. Her sire has captured 11 bronze horn trophies. Rodeo Max is the leading sire of export embryos and export semen. Preg checked pos Jet Black. Test neg Johne's.

Rusty Iron


DOB: 3/27/2014; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Iron Power; Color: Red; Service Sire:Non Stop - Sire of Champions; She owns the magic cone of Clear Win and Drag Iron. Her rich gold color is a valid set up for a dark grullo. Horns ready to roll out next year. This cow isn't a frail little cow - she will amount to something. Watch! Preg checked pos Non Stop. Test neg Johne's. She is bull friendly and pasture comfortable.



DOB: 3/15/2005; Sire: Cooter; Dam: Spooky Reflection; Color: B/W; She is nearing 80" T2T and a cool 1305 lbs for size. Many say she is the best of the Cooter cows. She will knock your socks off as a striking visual. She is not red, white or blaaaaa. She is Hollywood style. Preg checked pos to Clear Point 91" T2T. Johne's test neg. Don't accept substitutes.

Shines A Mile


DOB: 4/5/2008; Sire: Mile Marker; Dam: Shine All Over; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Tibbs; A young daughter of Mile Marker who has had 8 calves in 8 years starting at age 2. She is dam of Shane Dickinson's show heifer Shines a Lot. Notice the text book perfect shaped udder. Johne's test neg. Preg Checked pos to Tibbs

Special Jangle


DOB: 6/18/2013; Sire: Jubal Jangler; Dam: Special Mark; Color: Red; An own daughter of Jubal Jangle out of 91" Shadow Jubilee. Add these 91" genetics to your herd for success. This pedigree is colluded clean back to Peter McCue. Johne's tested neg. Preg checked pos Tibbs (dressed in pure white attire with carefully placed brindle specks)

Temp de Loof


DOB: 4/10/2009; Sire: Tempter; Dam: Theme de Loof; Color: Black; Service Sire:Reckon So by the famous $165,000 bull Tuff.; Tempt de Loof is one of the few black Tempter (87"T2T) daughters. She is dam of 9 calves in 8 years as a result of one set of twins. Never once has she complained about unwanted advances. She has one crumpled ear. Her most valuable daughter is the beautiful Hung Trial. Preg checked pos to Reckon So. Tested neg Johne's.

Tool Time


DOB: 7/24/2013; Sire: Top Tool; Dam: Dragon In The Mist; Color: R/W Pnt; Service Sire:Non Stop - Sire of Champions; She is the Drag iron/Top Caliber package proven to be stout. Three calves raised in 3 years. Johne's test neg. Preg pos to Non Stop. Proven bull compatable.

Top Suspect


DOB: 3/30/2011; Sire: Top Caliber; Dam: Unsuspected; Color: R/W unln; Another Top Caliber cow with horn going every direction. Top weight 1130. Five calves in 5 years. She is a cracking young cow. Mike Ditka says, "She works fast and she don't stink." Buy her quick before the Nevada rancher guy gets her. Test negative to Johne's. Preg checked pos Tibbs, this will be Tibb's greatest year with his best cows ever.

Wizard Struck


DOB: 4/3/2001; Sire: Shadowizm; Dam: Awestruck; Color: W/R hd; She is dam of 14 calves including cheer Leader, Dragon Struck, Iron Struck, and Drag Deck. She is beautiful in every way. All natural leather covering with no stretch marks. She is a half sister to Jamakizm and one of his favorite sisters. Life is too short to own ugly cows without twisty horns. Johne's test neg. Preg checked pos to Clear Point (89.9" T2T - people gasp when they see him)

Wreck Havok


DOB: 4/14/2008; Sire: Superb; Dam: Special Blend; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Tibbs; This nine year old has raised 8 strapping big calves four of which are currently service sires including Seldom Havok, Confetti Havok, PCC Wild Fire purchased by Pace Cattle Co. She is dam of Home Wrecker winner at the 2017 Championship. Johne's test neg. Preg pos to Tibbs.

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