Bull-2016 List

Bliss Stolen


DOB: 4/13/2016; Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Over Bliss; Color: R/W Pnl; Look close at him plus his sire and dam for low extreme twist genetics. Tibbs, now over 80" T2T. This isn't just talked about twist - it is fact. If you like the scoopy, droopy pretzel twist, here it is. See the 50 year genetic plan with Bliss Stolen and watch it change your herd.

Burnt Jet


DOB: 4/19/2016; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Makita; Color: B/W; This correct patterned bull is the exact Clear Win look with a black wrapper. His dam is a full blood sister to Clear Win. A decision to buy him does not require a Senate vote or a Russian hack. He will be cow friendly in an appropriate legal way. Look closely, he is not plain white, red or dark brown.



DOB: 5/1/2016; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Jessie; Color: Black; He is the special package of Jet on Clear Win. He promises to do his job with wanted or unwanted advances. If one lives for the day bold dead of night black calves run all over the pasture, this is your bull. He is real black all over with black spots. This offer is not available in any store.

Jam Forever


DOB: 4/17/2016; Sire: Jamakizm; Dam: Fine Forever; Color: Red; The tallest Jamakizm son raised at DCC. His weight as a yearling is more than most adult bulls. He is for a herd that is serious about height, growth/gain. He loves people. His famous dam has weaned 7 calves that have an average 205 of 523.67 lbs. Possibly the best gain ever in the TL industry. He is tougher than woodpecker lips. Price reduced due to 3" horn tip severed.

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