Bull-2017 List

Calley x Slug Fest - 2017 Bull


DOB: 4/11/2017; Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Calley; Color: B/W; He is obviously a pick of the 2017 DCC bulls. He is slick as a kindergarden door knob. Notice the low birth and high weaning weights. That is what it is all about -- that is a fact. He will promise to do his job with wanted and unwanted advances.

Dip Tally x Slug Fest - 2017 Bull


DOB: 4/8/2017; Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Dip Tally; Color: B/W; He is the best of the Slug Fest sons. Thick, smooth, 100% belts for 3 generations.



DOB: 4/5/2017; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Graphic Game; Color: B/W; A perfectly belted Buelingo. Too dig deeper, he is a line bred Wulfs Polled Progress and Fun & Games. He is special. No Holstein blood.

Power Zone x Progress Wrap - Bull


DOB: 5/25/2017; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Power Zone; Color: R/W; The nicest red bull of the year. He is a Cycle Progress x Power Game blend. No Holstein blood. Don't just go red, go quality red.

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