Heifer-2017 List

Cycle Joan x Pin Drop - 2017 Heifer


DOB: 4/29/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Cycle Joan; Color: B/W; Excellent data. Gentle. Her dam came from the General Joe Steve herd of very select Buelingo. Complete belt with half target.

Dingus Dipper x Echo Sent - Heifer


DOB: 2/14/2017; Sire: Echo Sent; Dam: Dingus Dipper; Color: B/W; Complete belt. Big and thick.

Echo Galore x Slug Fest - Heifer


DOB: 4/4/2017; Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Echo Galore; Color: B/W; This chunky heifer has a hip larger than a pardoned Senator. She was a twin of double heifers and still great growth.

Fun Fling x Pin Drop - 2017 Heifer


DOB: 3/28/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Fun Fling; Color: R/W; She doesn't have a complete belt, perhaps just an apron. Every ancestor for over 3 generations has a complete belt. As Senator Franken says, "Things happen."

Graphic Tally x Pin Drop - Heifer


DOB: 5/1/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Graphic Tally; Color: B/W; She is the 30 year 100% performance tested DCC genetics. Complete belt.

Kicking Game x Pin Drop - 2017 Heif


DOB: 4/8/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Kicking Game; Color: R/W; Complete belt and one of Pin drop's last calves.

Laugh Echo x Progressive Wrap


DOB: 4/12/2017; Sire: Progressive Wrap; Dam: Laugh Echo; Color: Bk/W; Beautiful heifer to show or love. Look at that tiny head - long back and a hip like a Viking Princess.

Power Gift x Pin Drop - 2017 Heifer


DOB: 4/1/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Power Gift; Color: B/W; Everything is just right on this fine heifer. Every ancestor for 3 generations correctly belted.

Power Pal x Pin Drop - 2017 Heifer


DOB: 6/4/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Power Pal; Color: R/W; Complete belt. Late born.

Power Ploy x Slug Fest - Heifer


DOB: 4/1/2017; Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Power Ploy; Color: B/W; DCC only dreamed of consistently raising this quality of heifer 30 years ago.

Power Vest x Pin Drop - Heifer


DOB: 5/31/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Power Vest; Color: 5-31-17; This feminine heifer is deep with the elite genetics of General Joe Steve. She is a good one.

Val-Kin x Pin Drop - 2017 Heifer


DOB: 3/24/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Val-Kin; Color: R/W; She is completely belted with a crooked left side. Slick, thick, fertile, and young.

Valiant Varoom x Progress Wrap


DOB: 6/10/2017; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Valiant Varoom; Color: B/W; What a nice heifer? Complete belted with narrow right side.

Vallarta x Echo Sent - 2017 Heifer


DOB: 2/15/2017; Sire: Echo Sent; Dam: Vallarta; Color: B/W; She appears to be the largest in the pasture her age. She has a well planned pedigree. Her genetics band the cone of certainty.

Verbal Fin x Pin Drop - 2017 Heifer


DOB: 5/2/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Verbal Fin; Color: B/W; Very wide nice belt. One white foot.

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