Pair List

Dingus Dipper


DOB: 4/7/2009; Sire: Dip Stick; Dam: Full Circle; Color: R/W; She is a young daughter of Dip Stick. She had a light 63 lb birth weight and is a consistent producer. Every ancestor correctly belted for at least 3 generations. Johne's test negative. Steer calf born 4-6-18 to Progress Wrap. Her belt slipped back about 4" during the summer, but Progress Wrap said he didn't do it.



DOB: 3/26/2008; Sire: Dip Stick; Dam: Progresso; Color: B/W; Dip'O, an own daughter of Dip Stick, one of the top sires of all times at DCC. Had 9 calves in 9 years. She likes people and birds foot tree foil is her favorite food. All 9 100% correctly belted calves. Test neg Johne's. Correct belt bull calf born 4-5-18 by Progress Wrap (see reference sires)

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